Office/ Beauty Room Makeover

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The past few months I spent updated my office which also functions as my wardrobe and beauty room. It is actually a spare bedroom and I wanted to bring back that function into the room. I also had three ugly, but very practical drawer sets that I wanted to move around, so in the end it all came together. As I was putting it together I filmed little clips here and there of the makeover. I also threw in some clips of my new hallway floor AND I reorganize my makeup collection as well. I hope you enjoy the video!

Office / Beauty Room Makeover

Products mentioned:

  • Haru couch |
  • Round mirror | HM Home
  • Malm drawer | Ikea
  • Makeup organizers | Ikea Godmorgon
  • Jewelry organizer | Flying Tiger
  • Wire basket | Sostrene Grene
  • Concrete light | Xenos
  • Ring dish | HM Home
  • Makeup mirror | Xenos
  • Mini velvet stool | Action
  • Round lamp | Ikea
  • Dutch roadmap | Vintage
  • Micke desk | Ikea
  • Green chair | Kwantum
  • White chair | Ikea
  • Pink rug | Ikea
  • Pillows | HM Home
  • Large stool | Kwantum
  • Black standing lamp | Kwantum
  • Poster | Bauhaus Archiv Berlin
  • Lack Shelves | Ikea
  • Mini globe | Action
  • Mini vases | HM Home


  • Chinese Money plant
  • Calathea
  • Orchid
  • Zebra grass
What do you think of my room makeover?

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