Buy or Bye? // New Eyeshadow Palette Releases

buy bye new eyeshadow palette releases september holiday 2019

What’s new in makeup? That is the question we will be asking ourselves in today’s video. I have gathered a bunch of new eyeshadow palette releases again and with a new announcement being made almost daily it’s been quite the month. Between holiday releases and everyone and their mother releasing new palettes there is a lot here. That said, I definitely do not want to get everything, but since there is a lot to talk about, let’s just get straight into it.

Buy or Bye? // New Eyeshadow Palette Releases // September 2019

What eyeshadow palettes do you have on your wishlist?

2 responses to “Buy or Bye? // New Eyeshadow Palette Releases”

  1. I love how your videos help me keep up with the releases. They give such a clear view of what’s out there and I’m no longer confused! I’m also interested in Naked Honey, but it’s out of my price range so I might have to pass. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, though! I like the Too Faced Gingerbread palette this year, but I don’t have last year’s so it would be all new to me… I have 2 palettes on the way to me: Too Faced Tutti Frutti in Berry and Tartlette In Bloom. So I’ll see how those work out first! 🙂

    • I have been eyeing up the Tutti Frutti Berry and Pineapple palettes for a while but am not sure they would really offer me anything I do not have yet. That is why I haven’t caved yet. The In Bloom is one of my all time favorite neutral palettes. Enjoy your new goodies!

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