Coat Collection 2019

coat collection 2019

It has been a while since I last showed you my coat collection. My coats are very near and dear to my heart. There are a few styles that I will forever have around in my wardrobe. There are also some that I bought because I liked the color or because I felt like sprucing up my wardrobe. Your coat is what you see most in the fall/ winter time, so I like keeping a few styles on hand for varying degrees of chill. This is my 2019 coat &jacket collection.

Coat Collection 2019 // Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Coats & Jackets

Coats mentioned:

  • Pink corduroy jacket | H&M
  • Green parka | H&M
  • Faux leather jacket | Forever 21
  • Denim jacket | H&M
  • Teddy lined parka | Primark
  • Leopard print blazer | Mango
  • Tan duffel coat | Primark
  • Rain coat | H&M
  • Black coat | H&M
  • Green pea coat | H&M
  • Red robe coat | Only
  • Mustard oat | Pull & Bear
  • Navy coat | Zara
  • Grey coat | Only
  • Navy & beige coat | H&M
  • Checkered coat | Only
  • Teddy coat | Zara
  • Lammy coat | C&A
  • Faux fur coat | Mango
What is your favorite coat to wear?

5 responses to “Coat Collection 2019”

  1. I like the sheepskin one and the plaid one, but they all look great on you. I used to have a huge collection of coats, about 15 or 20, but I simply had no place to keep them all, so I ended up giving all but about 5 away. Most of my coats are just practical, black and are vinyl or nylon on the outside to resist the rain. I love vintage coats, but the conditions vary so much and they’re really pricey. Plus, I still don’t have the room!

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