Lime Crime Venus XL

You may have noticed I have been MIA for a few days and that’s because I caught a flu. So I decided to get over it first before posting again. Which is why today I am back with a vengeance and I bring to you another eyeshadow palette review including three looks with the palette featuring all shades in the palette. The palette in question? The Lime Crime Venus XL eyeshadow palette.

Lime Crime Venus XL eyeshadow palette // Review, Swatch & 3 Looks

I bought this palette in the summer of 2018 and only get round to reviewing it now. I know, I know, I am so behind on writing palette reviews. That is why I now feature my newest palette acquisitions in some of my videos before writing full reviews on here. In any case, I purchased my palette from Cult Beauty which is the only shop in Europe to officially stock Lime Crime. On there the palette retails for £56.00, which is roughly €65. That makes this a fairly expensive palette, but you do get 18 shades.

The Packaging

The concept behind this palette is that is a large version of the ever so popular Venus palette. That palette is believed by some to have been the inspiration for ABH’s Modern Renaissance as that was out long before that was released. Yet, at the time Lime Crime was a bit of a problematic brand as the previous owner said some some things that she probably shouldn’t and there were massive problems with customer service. So for a while Lime Crime was a brand many people boycotted. That is why I never bought from them until this palette. The front of the palette has a reproduction of Botticelli’s Venus painting, there is a mirror and simple, but lightweight cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure.

The Palette

The palette features 18 shades that all fall into the berry range of the color spectrum. Out of the 18 shades, 12 are matte and 6 have shimmer. None of them are too metallic, but they are very wearable and play well off one another. There are some deep, intense mattes and some brighter pops of color, making this a well-rounded palette despite it being very similar in undertone. I ended up picking this over the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette as I felt this was more unique in its shade selection with more interesting shimmers and fewer brownish neutrals.

The Swatches

As you can see, despite this being a more expensive palette, you do get what you pay for. All of these shades swatch beautifully. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matte or a shimmer: each shade has good pigmentation and has great pay off. These eyeshadow all blend like a dream: they do the work for you. They don’t go on patchy and there is little to no fallout and these stick to the lid all day with a bit of primer.

The Looks

Look 1

As I do with eye palette reviews, I like to include three looks that include all the shades in the palette. For my first look I used most of the lightest shades in the palette. Together they make for a very wearable look. I like the look of berries and peaches together as it makes for a very soft, glam look. This is the kind of look I think is perfect for a workday at the office or school.

Look 2

But what if you wish to go more glam? This palette has got you as well. One of my favorite looks with ABH’s Modern Renaissance is a berry smokey eye and this palette has that down to a T. You can easily create a smokey, reddish crease, use the darker shades to deepen up the Outer V and to add a bit of liner. In short,this palette could be your one stop shop and take you from day to night and back again.

Look 3

For the third and final look I used some of the more muted shades. There are a few shades in the palette that are nice, but not my first priority. The muted purples are a bit cool toned compared to the berries and I feel don’t go as easily together. But when I started pairing them it ended up working far better than I had imagined.

My Final Thoughts

I didn’t know what to expect from the Lime Crime Venus XL when I first got it as I had no experience with the brand. But I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The quality of these shadows is good, they last all day and I had fun playing around with these. What truly made me love these though is the color story which is among the most unique in my eyeshadow collection. I call this ABH’s Modern Renaissance on steroids for a good reason because it takes everything that makes that palette interesting and turns it up a notch. That’s why I like this palette and that’s why I would recommend this: if you are looking for a good berry palette I don’t think it will get any better than this.

What are your thoughts on the Lime Crime Venus XL?

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  1. These colors look great on you. This palette was literally just on sale for Black Friday, I think 50 or maybe 40% off. I was thinking about it, but the berry hues don’t look that great on me. Sometimes they make it look like I have pink eye, maybe I’m just not using the right color combos, lol. I would like to try Lime Crime in the future though.

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