Empty Products // December 2019


Today it is time for a video that is long overdue. Because I haven’t done an empty products video in months. I just wasn’t using up much at all and then I used up everything at once. Is that just me or does this happen for more people? In any case, I used up quite a bit again and this doesn’t yet include all the makeup I used up as I am still saving that to do a full yearly 2019 roundup. So here we go!

Empty Products // December 2019

What have you used up lately?

2 responses to “Empty Products // December 2019”

  1. I’ve been using up tubes of “Differin” an exfoliating cream to help with acne. You get about 4 weeks worth for $13 so it’s not that cheap. Worst part is I think I’ve become immune to it! It seems I’m always running out of toothpaste, but this time I’m trying 3 kinds at once so I have more than enough. Deodorant I stock up on but seem to run out of all the time… I don’t wear make up every day which is why I never finish anything make up. However, I’ve had quite a few mascaras dry up on me and have had to discard. Oh yes and those make up wipes, I’m stocked up now, but they do go fast! 🙂

    • I just thought it would be fun to look at totals of what I used up in 2019 not only for makeup but also other products. And then calculate how much money it is worth. Currently creating a document to do all the calculations.

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