Revolution Pro New Neutral Lipstick in Stiletto

Ah the day I discovered red lipstick has been etched into my mind. It took some time to find a right one, but my favorite Russian Red by MAC is an oldie but a goodie. I first featured on this blog back in a 1940s inspired makeup look back in 2012!!!, so I am always looking for an update that could be as good as my OG fave. Enter a very random order from Makeup Revolution and my realization that I had never actually tried that many of their lipsticks. The result? A stunning red lipstick that has quickly made it to my top 5 favorite drugstore reds.

Makeup Revolution Revolution Pro New Neutral Satin Matte Lipstick Stiletto // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

Because if there is one thing Make Up Revolution is known for is how affordable they are. They are also very widely available in different drugstores around the world, but also via their official Revolution Beauty website. I got mine via that website and there this lipstick retails for a mere €5.99. That is an absolute steal for a lipstick this good. It is up to par with high end and just a good classic staple red which cannot be missed out on in any good makeup collection.

The Packaging

I am not going to lie: the packaging of this lipstick is definitely what drew me in. I believe I chucked it in to get free shipping, but apart from what looked likely to be a stunning red shade, this lipstick is set apart by the cute leopard print on the lipstick tube. Is the tube any special apart from that? No it is not: it clicks shut like most affordable lipsticks do and it really is nothing special. However you have to give it to MUR for that sleek gold and leopard print design which just makes this 100% more appealing that more drugstore packaging.

The Lipstick

Sadly cameras find it very hard to pick up red colors true to what they look like. I feel that my camera made this color look too dark or far too washed out no matter what angled I used. So I went a darker picture as I felt that was closest. What appealed to me about this lipstick apart from the shade and the packaging (because, come on, we all know I didn’t need another lipstick and surely not a red one!) was the fact that this promised a satin matte finish. While I love a good dry down matte that won’t budge, I am getting more into creamier textures that are more comfortable to wear. With a red that can be tricky though and this seemed to offer the best of both worlds: comfort AND staying power.

The Swatch

Can you fall in love with a lipstick at first swatch? I think you can, because that is what happened when I swatched this. This is a super creamy, easy to apply formula that glides onto the lips without any effort. Yet it still wears all day and only needs touching up around dinner time if you wear this all day to work. It is a stunning, classic red shade that has a blue undertone and quite a bit of depth to it. It is not too bright (as some reds can be) and it makes your teeth look whiter. The swatch you see here is the first time applying this in any way shape or form and the pigment was instantaneous.

The Application

So what does this look like on? Now you know I love reds, because I think they are very flattering on my skin. This is no exception. It is a very neutral toned red, so I think it will look great on may different skin tones. The color intensity of this is amazing and has no issues covering my naturally pigmented lip color. It wears well throughout the day, does not bleed (which is horrible with reds) and stays put. It will transfer quite a bit at first but as it dries down, a matte finish is what is left.

Is It Any Good?

Why most certainly! This is hands down one of the best drugstore reds I have tried in some time and I try a lot of red lipstick. What is so great about the Make Up Revolution lipstick in Stiletto is that it offers a great classic at a super affordable price point. A good lipstick does not have to break the bank and Make Up Revolution proves it again. If you’re out or are wanting to try red lipstick for the first time, I would definitely recommend looking into this.

What is your favorite drugstore red?

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  1. Awesome, I’ll have to try it! 🙂 I have 2 reds on the way to me now: Becca in “Cherry” and It’s new matte formula in “Stellar”. But they were $24 each! Ouch! It’d be great to find a good inexpensive red. My drugstore faves are “Certainly Red” and “Love That Red” by Revlon which were first introduced in the early 1950’s.

  2. This one looks very pretty on you. I have had most luck with Limited Editions from Kiko and Catrice. My favourites were the two pencils they had in the Nomad collection, one a nice bluetoned red and one warm almost tomato red. Nowadays I’m more into mauves so I really don’t look at reds to be honest. Oh and I have a very nice coral leaning red by P2 called Piazza Navona (also LE).

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