Beauty Consumer Tag

beauty consumer tag

A very popular tag that has been going round is the Beauty Consumer Tag. All about your makeup spending habits and why you decide to purchase something or not. I thought it would be fun to do. So if you are curious how much I spend on makeup in a given year and why and how I decide what to buy when, then this one is for you.

Beauty Consumer Tag // I Spend How Much on Makeup?

Tag questions:

1. How much do you spend on makeup a month? A year?

2. Do you ever feel guilty about how much you spend on makeup?

3. Do you get ‘FOMO’ related to makeup releases?

4. Do you purchase or keep items simply because they are limited edition?

5. Would you be willing to pay more money for a sold out product online?

6. Do you wish you could spend more? Or less?

7. Do you feel compelled to buy something when you see it in someone else’s collection?

8. Do you buy more during the holidays?

9. Have you ever hidden a makeup purchase from family or friends?

10. Do you have more than ten products in your collection that you have not used in over a month?

11. Have you ever been pressured to purchase something you could not afford or did not need?

12. Do you purchase makeup for collector reasons?

13. In your makeup journey have you become less or more consumeristic?

How much do you spend on makeup?

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