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new makeup releases feb 2020

With the start of the new month, we have to start about some new makeup releases again. And just when you think you have covered most of what is coming out, Urban Decay drops a ball and announces a new palette as you are editing your video. So yes, that will be mentioned in next month’s edition. So far, these are my thoughts on some current makeup releases.

Buy or Bye // New Makeup Releases February 2020 // Will I Buy It?

What new makeup releases are on your radar?

2 responses to “New Makeup Releases”

  1. I’m trying to look only, and not buy since I’ve been really naughty lately makeup-wise! I do think the Mints in the Colourpop palette look nice, maybe I’ll keep that in mind for Spring. But right now I have enough palettes and lipsticks. The Violet Voss fun sizes are available now at Sephora here in the US, let me know if you want help in obtaining any. I’m not sure how much the shipping will be though.

    • Aw thanks for the offer, but like you, I have used up my makeup budget for the month and I plan on putting the money towards fewer makeup products in the next few months. Hopefully by that time it will be available here.

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