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Limited edition makeup is something that I like looking at but that I don’t always buy. It is just not very practical because if you happen to fall in love, you will never be able to buy it again. Still, I do like talking about it and so when I came across the Limited Edition Makeup Tag by Makeup Your Mind on Youtube I knew I wanted to film this. How do you feel about limited edition makeup?

Limited Edition Makeup Tag by Make Up Your Mind

Tag questions:

1. What is the LE product you are most happy you got your hands on?
2. What is your least favorite LE products you picked up, the thing you could have been without?
3. What brand do you think does LE best?
4. And to flip things over, what brand do you think does LE the worst?
5. Name one thing (or more) you wish wasn’t LE.
6. What is the thing that got away, the thing you missed and will forever regret not getting?
7. What thing that was LE but was made permanent later on made the most sense vs the least sense to you?
8. What thing that is permanent do you think would have been better off LE?
9. What is the best collab LE thing release so far according to you?
10. What LE (or collab LE) item would you like to see released?

What is your take on limited edition makeup?

2 responses to “Limited Edition Tag”

  1. My take on LEs is basically that they’re a gimmick to get everyone to panic and buy something before it disappears. I never liked that marketing strategy, but sadly, it works. I didn’t know that Too Faced Sweet Peach palette started as an LE. I just bought that last fall. It’s pretty good, but not my favorite formula-wise. I like your lipstick color in this vid by the way!

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