Benefit Gold Rush mini blush

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

My favorite all time blush? Benefit’s Coralista boxed blush. I have had it for years, I have since hit pan, and I reach for it all the time over the summer. The summer mostly as it is a bit too much for my daily makeup. Then I spotted the Gold Rush blush when I was in Sephora last year and I really liked the shade. But it has overspray and these blushes are quite expensive. Then I spotted the mini size and I figured that that would make for a great addition to my blush collection.

Benefit Gold Rush Mini Blush // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

So let’s just tackle the price difference for a minute. Because this full size blush retails for €36,10 for 5 grams of product. This mini contains half the size: 2.5 grams and retails for €19. That is of course more than half of 36, but I figured that I have hardly ever used up a blush. That pan in my Coralista blush took years to achieve, and so I know that I won’t use this up any time soon. So for me it made more sense to by the smaller size than the full size, but it is still the exact same product.

The Packaging

So the Benefit blushes have a particular style of packaging that has to be your cup of tea. While iconic, these are still incredibly bulky. If there is one thing Benefit could improve on is to make these slimmer. It comes with a little brush and a mirror, but because this is the mini version, both do not make a whole lot of sense. The product is also sunk down into the box which means your brush shouldn’t be too big else you will not be able to pick up much product.

The Blush

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

Gold Rush is one of the newer Benefit boxed blushes. It is a golden peach shade, but the gold is mostly an overspray that disappears the first time you swatch this. That is why I first dipped my brush into this, so I could show you the actual color rather than the shimmery layer on top. And that is a shame, because oversprays make makeup look cheap and this is anything but. So I wish Benefit would stop doing that and just focus on having a cute print in their product instead. If your product is good, you don’t need the shiny layer.

The Shade

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

So let’s talk about the quality of this blush. Because that is what I like about this most. It is a very pale and a soft peachy shade. So this is very flattering if you have a fair skin tone. Their is a shimmer running through the product, but it is not as strong as the shimmer you see on the edges of the pan in the picture above. It actually for a very healthy, shiny flushed look. Especially now that it’s the winter time and I am quite pale, I like to wear shade for just a hint of color on my cheeks.

The Swatch

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

Because when you swatch this you can see how light this has, but also how it has a great deal of luminosity to it. It is not shimmery or shiny like a highlighter might be, but this is more like a glowy flush. That is the best description. Next to that this has the Benefit blush formula that I love. I have used several of their blushes throughout years and each one always has great blendability and looks great on the skin no matter what. I have no issues with blush disappearing on me, so for me, this wears the whole day.

The Application

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

So I am someone who applies blush after highlight. Here, the highlighter was a very intense blue as you can see. But I think you can also see the effect of the blush quite well. The peach in this blush gives you a very natural cheek looks and the glow in this blush adds a healthy flush that compliments any highlighter and tones it down just a tad.

I think this is one of the best everday blushes I own. It wears well, looks natural and you can never overdo it. This is the type of blush that is highly recommendable if you are in school or in a work place where less noticeable makeup is a must. It is natural, it is pretty and it is just a good workhorse makeup product.

Would I Recommend the Benefit Gold Rush mini blush?

benefit gold rush mini box blush review swatch makeup look application

Yes I would, but only if this is what you are looking for. I would recommend looking into the option of buying a smaller size if you can. The full size, while pretty, may be a bit much and if you are looking to try the shade or if you are someone like me with an extensive blush colleciton, you may not need it. So I like how this comes in a smaller size which makes it easier for travel, costs less and blushes last such a long time that I feel the smaller size just makes a lot more sense. The Benefit boxed blushes are just good staples to own: select one and you know you will have a good product on your hands.

What Benefit boxed blush is your favorite?

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried Benefit blushes at some point… I just can’t remember which one(s)! I haven’t tried Gold Rush or Coralista though. I might have to take your recommendation. It looks good on you.

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