2019 Favorites // Cheek Products

2019 makeup favorites cheek products

It is time for another installment of my 2019 makeup favorites. I already showed you my favorite base and lip products and today we are doing cheek products. It may very well be my favorite category after eyeshadow palettes. That is why I am ranking my top 10 favorite cheek products for you. Curious to know what blush, highlighter and bronzer I loved most this year? Then stay tuned. Oh and yes, photobucket is still down so I still can’t upload that many pictures and that is why my pictures are currently now showing up on my website. Nothing I can do about that sadly.

2019 Makeup Favorites // Cheek Products

Products mentioned:

  • Benefit Coralista
  • Soap & Glory Solar Powder bronzer
  • Essence The Highlighter Heroic
  • Becca Sunlit Bronzer Bali Sands
  • Catrice Clean ID Bronzer Light/ Medium
  • Too Faced Fruitcocktail Blush Duo Berries & Bubbly
  • Benefit Cookie
  • The Balm Take Home Bronze Bronzer Oliver
  • Catrice Blush Box Glowing Multi Colour Dolce Vita
  • Essence Matt Touch Blush Blossom Me Up
What cheek products did you love this year?

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