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glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

If you saw my New York vlog and/or haul, you may remember that I visited the Glossier showroom in Soho during my trip. By now I am slowly but surely trying out the products and one of the products I put into this month’s Shop My Stash was the Glossier Stretch concealer. I had used up my last concealer and so it was time to use something new. So I threw this in: how do I get on with the Glossier Stretch concealer?

Glossier Stretch Concealer G12 // Review, Swatch, Makeup Look

First up, we need to talk the basics. The price point of this is quite reasonable as it retails for $18 and is available in 12 different shades. G12 is the lightest shade available. It is not a drugstore price point by any means, but a MAC or Urban Decay concealer will retail for similar price point so I think it is a good price point. What is the biggest downside to this concealer is its availability. Glossier is only available from the Glossier website or showrooms. Currently the brand is only available in the US, the UK, Canada, France, Sweden, Ireland and Denmark. If you’re in any other country, you will have to travel in order to get your hands on the products.

Why did I buy the Glossier Stretch concealer?

glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

Glossier are known for their natural no makeup makeup aesthetic. When I think of no makeup makeup, I think lightweight, dewy products that give light coverage but still give your skin room to breathe. The Stretch concealer was high on my list when visiting their showroom as I love trying concealers by brands I do not know. The Stretch concealer promises to be flexible and still be dewy and hydrating as well. I had also heard Anna from The Anna Edit rave about this for years and so I was definitely influenced when it came to this purchase.

How does the Glossier Stretch concealer work?

glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

The Glossier Stretch concealer is a concealer that comes in a jar: not my most favorite type of packaging. It is just not that hygienic and the best way to use products like this I feel is with fingers. That means that every time you use this, you stick your finger in and that of course transfers bacteria. However, this could be used with a brush too but because this product is so lightweight and emollient I think it may also just be sucked up by a brush too much which would lead you to waste a lot of product.

How does the Glossier Stretch concealer swatch?

glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

I was impressed with this concealer at first swatch. I have never felt anything like this before! It is super thin to the point where you think it will never conceal your dark circles. However, the texture of this product is so pleasant and makes it super easy to use. In the swatch you can see how dewy this is. It looks almost wet and has a bit of glow to it once it has been blended into the skin. That looks super pretty on the under eye, but it is less successful on the face. At least, I do not like using this much on my nose or on my cheeks, but as an under eye concealer this has been a great one.

How does the Glossier Stretch Concealer apply?

glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

I already alluded to my favorite application method for this concealer. That would be fingers. I just feel it makes it super easy to apply this concealer. Your fingers help warm up the product and all you then need to do is gently press this product into the skin. While in a swatch the texture of this concealer looks very thin, I feel it still does a good job concealing my darker under eye area. That said, when I wear a dewy, lightweight concealer like this, I do like layering a color corrector underneathe for extra impact. I did not do that in these pictures to just show you how the concealer looks by itself and I think this works in a great way.

What are my final thoughts on the Glossier Stretch concealer?

glossier stretch concealer review swatch g12 fair skin

The Glossier Stretch concealer is a great concealer. It is very different from other concealers I have tried. It is very thin and lightweight, but still gets the job done. The dewy texture makes it very flattering on the under eye. While you might expect this to pull into fine lines, I personally have not had that issue. This stays looking nice and fresh throughout the day and one thing I like about this is that even if it moves around, you can easily press it back in throughout the day. That promise of a flexible texture is no lie!

Would I recommend the Glossier Stretch Concealer?

Yes, if you can get your hands on this, then this is one I would definitely look into. It is a concealer unlike any concealer I have ever tried. I would have preferred this to come in better, more hygienic packaging and 12 shades is not a whole lot. It may be difficult to find your right shade especially if you can only get this online. What I like about it most is its emollient texture, dewy finish and ease of use. In short, it does everything I need a concealer to do, even though I would not use this concealer on any other place of my face except my under eye area.

Would you buy the Glossier Stretch concealer?

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  1. Peggy Avatar

    This sounds really good! Thanks for the reviews.

    1. Peggy Avatar

      I meant “review “. I don’t know how to edit on here, sorry.

    2. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It is a really great one.

  2. Mimi Avatar

    It sounds incredible and my cup of tea but I can’t get it in Italy, which sucks so badly! This and their lip balms are on top of my wishlist

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Yeah I am glad I was able to travel to NYC and found the products that I wanted to try.

  3. Glow Boho Avatar

    Def. my fav. concealer.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Yay, another fan.

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