Top 10 Favorite Brushes

top 10 favorite makeup brushes mac aoa crown elf zoeva zigma sephora

Do we talk enough about brushes? That is what I wondered the other day when I wanted to film but had no idea what to film. I had lots of plans but most of them too time consuming for a quick Tuesday video. My conclusion was that no: we, the content creators in the makeup community, talk about about makeup, but we barely talk about the tools we use to apply it with. Time to break my silence and tell you all about my top 10 favorite makeup brushes.

Top 10 Favorite Makeup Brushes & Tools // Sigma, Zoeva, ELF, MAC, AOA & more

Products mentioned:

  • AOA makeup sponge
  • Large Stipple brush Crown C406 Large Duo Face
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush
  • Sigma F03
  • Sigma F25
  • ELF Swirl foundation brush
  • MAC 217
  • Zoeva 224 Luxe Defined Crease brush
  • Zoeva 231 Petite Crease
  • Sigma E55
  • Sigma E30
  • Sephora Smudger brush
  • Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease brush
What brushes do you use?

4 responses to “Top 10 Favorite Brushes”

  1. Brushes are my nightmare. Mostly because the decent ones are so pricey. Then, there’s cleaning them which is not fun but necessary. And also I never know which brush to use for what, but watching your videos helps that, so thanks! One of the brands of brushes I’ve been buying when they have a sale is It brushes for Ulta. They’re really soft. I need a couple more for my eyes, though.

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