Catrice Full Satin lipstick – Review & Lip Swatches

Today’s review is a special one: it is a double whammy! What does that mean? I have combined a video in which I apply these new Catrice Full Satin lipsticks on my lips with close up pictures and a full review here on the blog. So you can watch the video if you would like to see these lipsticks go on. At the same time you can read the rest of this blog post and see the closeups and read my full thoughts.

Catrice Full Satin Lipstick Full Collection Review including lip swatches

Products mentioned:

  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 010 Full of Optimism
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 020 Full of Dreams
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 030 Full of Passion
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 040 Full of Inspiration
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 050 Full of Happiness
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 060 Full of Joy
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 070 Full of Love
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 080 Full of Life
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 090 Full of Adventure
  • Catrice Full Satin lipstick 100 Full of Power

How do these lipstick swatch?

As you can see the lipstick comes in 10 different sahdes that ranges from some more muted neutrals to some brighter and deeper shades. There is a super pale nude, some peaches, pinks and a stunning red. In short, this line up features something for everyone. My favorites are the mauve nude, the brown nude, the red and deepest red shade. My least favorite are the purple, the pink toned coral and light nude. Those are just not that flattering on me or are not fully opaque. Let’s have a closer look at these shades.

Catrice Full Satin 010 Full of Optimism

Full of Optimism is the lightest shade in the line and not the most flattering on me. It is just a touch too pale and it is not fully opaque. This is not very noticeable from a distance, but closeup you can see the purple undertone of my natural lips coming through the lipstick. It looks a bit patchy which is normal for me in these very pale shades. I used use MAC’s lip erase back in the day to help with these shades, but I have found that I am better off with a darker shade of lipstick.

Catrice Full Satin 020 Full of Dreams

That is why I think that Full of Dreams is more flattering on me. It is a pink toned nude that leans towards the rosy side of things. It is pretty, everyday pink that is very wearable and that I think is flattering on many people. Since this is not too light, it goes on opaque and it looks much better on me.

Catrice Full Satin 030 Full of Passion

One of my favorite shades has to be Full of Passion. This is a mauve toned nude that features a strong pink shade with a bit of a purple undertone. These shades usually work quite well on me. MAC’s Mehr is one of my all time favorite nudes and I feel this shade is very comparable to that. I have been wearing this exact shade a few times and I can say that this is a comfortable lipstick that wears fairly well. It is not the most longlasting but it does last until lunch time and survives a glass or two of water. Once you have a meal though, this lipstick needs reapplying.

Catrice Full Satin 040 Full of Inspiration

A suprise to me was Full of Inspiration. What seems to look like a brown toned nude has a quite clear red undertone to it. Since I love reds on me, I find red toned nudes also quite wearable. They can be hard to find though, especially at an affordable price point. I think this is flattering and still great for everyday and is something different in the line.

Catrice Full Satin 050 Full of Happiness

The line also contains some brighter shades. This coral shade is one that looks much brighter in the bullet than it does once swatched or applied to the lips. This is not my favorite as it has a shimmer running through that gives this shade a dated, old lady look. This reminds me of a shade my grandma used to wear and not in a good way. It is not too noticeable as the sheen isn’t super strong it is not too bad, but this was one that surprised me in a less positive way.

Catrice Full Satin 060 Full of Joy

Full of Joy is a shade that will look stunning on many other people but it is not for me. This white based, neon peach shade is a nice, bright popping shade. If you are pale like me, this won’t work as well. If you have a deep skin tone though this will look stunning and it will look great on people with a deep tan in the summer time.

Catrice Full Satin 070 Full of Love

I don’t know what it is about me and reds, but whenever I throw on a red lipstick I think it looks stunning on. Full of Love is a brighter, more pink toned red. So this isn’t your typical classic red. I like how it is a bit different, but this is a red that is not for the feint of heart as this is a bold bright shade that is pretty in your face.

Catrice Full Satin 080 Full of Life

Another bright shade: a bright fuchsia pink that I thought was a red initially. This deeper, bolder pink is very pretty on but it is also a bit of a boring shade. That may seem contradictory as this shade is also quite in your face. However, I feel this kind of shade is one you can find in many different lipstick lines, also affordable ones. So this is not a unique shade that I feel you need to run out and buy.

Catrice Full Satin 090 Full of Adventure

On to my least favorite shade in the selection: Full of Adventure. This light lavender shade looks super interesting int he bullet. As you can see in this picture it is not great on the lips. It is patchy, a touch heer and it has a strong blue sheen to it. It almost looks frosty which is not a great look. Compared with the purple/ blue shade this makes it look like your lips have changed color from being cold, not because you are wearing a cool, edgy lipstick.

Catrice Full Satin 100 Full of Power

Another great lipstick in this line is the last and deepest shade. Full of Power is a deep red with just the slightest hint of purple. I like how this is a nice deep shade that still is quite wearable. I was afraid such a dark shade would bleed and smudge everywhere but I ended up wearing this shade all day after filming this video and taking these pictures. Wearing this lipstick was easy, it didn’t go everywhere and just worn down in an even way.

Would I recommend the Catrice Full Satin lipsticks?

I wouldn’t recommend the entire line as not all shades are created equal. There are a few that I would go out to buy this line for: Full of Passion, Full of Inspiration, Full of Love and Full of Power are four shades I can recommend as they are the four more solid offerings in the line. That doesn’t mean the other shades are bad per se, but they are not right for me. If you feel they can work for you, then I would definitely go out to the store to give these a swatch to see if they may be right.

What do you think of these new Catrice lipsticks?

8 responses to “Catrice Full Satin lipstick – Review & Lip Swatches”

  1. I’ll definately be watching the video later as I really value your Catrice and Essence reviews (although my bank balance doesn’t ha ha) and have been looking forward to this, I have to buy Catrice online as we don’t have it in stores in the UK! Just from the photos I have my eye on a couple of the shades, the shade Full of Love looks stunning on you in the photo by the way!

  2. “Full of Love” is a pretty color and it looks great on you. Many of the other lighter ones look good on you too. Since I’m a fair skinned brunette, I need a bright/deep colored lipstick or I look completely washed out, so I always go for reds or berries. I’ve tried peachy colors since I’m warm-toned, but they don’t do much for me at all. It’s kind of frustrating, because in the summer I like to try lighter colors and I always end up going back to reds. I think lavender as an odd/non-conventional color (such as some of the Jeffree Star colors) can look good on some people, but I agree that “Full of Adventure” doesn’t do it. It reminds me of a little kid’s lipstick from a play dress up set.

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