ELF White Gold highlighter review

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elf white gold highlighter review

In today’s review, we’ll be having a closer look at the ELF highlighter in White Gold. These highlighters are quite new to ELF’s line and one that I was super excited about. However, if you saw my most recent declutter, then you will know that I was not the biggest fan. In my Cheek Declutter, I decided to no longer hang on to this highlighter. I will try to explain why in this blog post.

Review: ELF White Gold Highlighter

It probably won’t make sense to write a review after I already decluttered a product, but just because I didn’t like the product very much myself, does not mean that someone else out there may not. Since I try to give you honest reviews and let you know my thoughts also when I am not a huge fan of a product, I figured I should do this review. I bought mine from Douglas for €7, but I am sure you can get it for less money if you live in the US. In short, this is an affordable highlighter that looks pretty, but I didn’t think it was any good.

Why does this highlighter sound promising?

elf white gold highlighter review

I already mentioned this highlighter is affordable and I love trying affordable drugstore makeup. If great, it is usually the best bang for your buck over more expensive brands. ELF is a brand that is known for their affordable but great products, but that also mean there are a few misses among the hits. The White Gold highlighter looked promising as it promises to do everything I love about a highlighter. This is supposed to be high-shine and multi-dimensional. It promises to have a buttery smooth texture and an intense shimmer. But does it have that?

What does this highlighter do?

elf white gold highlighter review

When looking at this highlighter it looks like a stunning product. The packaging is simple: it is all about the powder and I appreciate that. The pattern in the pan is a great one and the shade looks stunning too. The powder itself looks not too white and not too golden and therefore this could be a great highlighter for fair skin. When you touch the powder the pan feels very hard: this is not a buttery smooth formula as the brand promises. But so far so good, let’s see how the product swatches.

How does the highlighter swatch?

elf white gold highlighter review

Looking at the swatch you may be quite impressed. The problem? This isn’t one swatch. This is several swatches to at least show you. You can clearly see the texture of my skin, which with a smooth highlighter is usually not the case. The shade is pretty: this is a truly a white gold, leaning perhaps more white than golden toned, but that hint of gold keeps it from being too pale and icy. However, it’s the texture of this highlighter that concerns me most.

How does the highlighter apply?

elf white gold highlighter review

The texture of this highlighter is one that I haven’t experienced yet. Where it looks stunning in the swatch, because you can build it up, it is super difficult to pick up with a brush. The highlighter barely shows up on my face. I have to almost scrape at it with my brush, not once but several times and this is all it does. Don’t get me wrong: it is pretty, but it is subtle and it does not line up with the promises that this comes with. This is not buttery smooth, this is not intense shimmer and this is not a multi-dimensional highshine. On the cheek, this looks weak, mostly white and it emphases texture. In short, it is everything I do not look for when it comes to a highlighter.

My Final Thoughts

elf white gold highlighter review

You may be able to guess that this highlighter was not my favorite. It is just not what I’m looking for in a highlighter, but I think some people can still enjoy this. I tried using this with several brushes though and no matter what I do, not even with my densest brush can I get the kind of result that I am hoping for. So for me this was an unsuccessful product. It is not bad per se, don’t get me wrong, but this product is one that just didn’t tickle that highlighter itch. And then, no matter how affordable a product is, I have to conclude that I didn’t like it very much. Sometimes, affordability is not the only criterium that sways how I feel about a product.

Would I recommend?

Would you be surprised if I answer that question with a flat out no? I would not recommend this as it really doesn’t deliver on its promises. If it was smoother, if the texture was nicer, if the application was easier this would have had some redeeming factors. But for now, I feel this product has nothing good going for it apart from its price point. If you like a subtle highlighter and don’t mind putting in a bit of extra work, then this may be something for you, but if you are a beginner who wants to find an affordable highlighter to try, I wouldn’t make it this.

What is a product you tried that was unsuccessful?

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