Kiko Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick review

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

I cannot remember the last time I did a lipstick review about a brand that isn’t Catrice or Essence. I just didn’t try too many new things for a while. So in 2019, I made it my duty to try some more lipsticks by different brands. A brand I like but that I hadn’t tried any lipsticks by is Kiko. They have several ranges of lipsticks, but as I was browsing the store, what drew me in most were their Velvet Passion lipsticks. This is a matte formula which is usually my favorite to wear. How did I get on with the Kiko Velvet Passion Matte lipsticks?

Review: Kiko Velvet Passion lipsticks 315, 328, 319

You may know that I prefer a matte lipstick formula. Mainly because it lasts longs, doesn’t require touching up during a workday and usually it doesn’t transfer so badly either. I personally like that as I tend to wear my makeup for nearly 12 hours in a day and I have little to no time to be touching up my lipstick in between classes. Yet, as a teacher I am talking all day, so I cannot afford myself a lipstick that transfers or doesn’t stay in place. That’s why I was intrigued by the Kiko lipsticks. They retail for €8 each and are available in 29 shades.

What do these lipsticks promise to do?

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

Kiko claims this is a creamy matte formula that is easily blended while still looking intense. It should feel comfortable on the lips and it should be easy to apply while still being long-lasting. One thing that is instantly noticeable about these lipsticks is the packaging. This comes in very luxurious packaging for a more affordable brand. The tube is metal with a magnetized lid that pops on. The bullet has a square cut which Kiko claims should help with the application. Overall, I think that’s why these also appealed to me. Good packaging is always an element that sucks me in and these lipsticks are no different.

Which are the shades I tried?

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

For this review I decided to try three shades: 315 Mauve, 328 Rosy Brown and 315 Chocolate. Out of the 29 shades these are the ones that appealed to me. Since I own many different lipsticks, I found it difficult to find shades in this range that I deemed unique. That is also why I had never tried any Kiko lipsticks before. They do many different shades, but none of them are usually that interesting. It is a great brand to look into if you don’t own that many shades yet, but if you are like me and you already own some lipsticks they won’t be able to offer you anything too unique. I picked three fairly neutral shades as a result as nudes are usually the most difficult to get right.

How do these lipsticks swatch?

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

As you can see the pigmentation of these lipsticks on point. It definitely has a matte finish too: these lipsticks do not have a single bit of shine to them. Because of their matte texture these lipsticks have a tendency to show not a strong defined line, but more of a blurry edge. So these lipsticks are very much on trend as that blurred, more diffused line rather than a very defined line. The colors were a bit different than I had expected by looking at them in the store and that is something I struggle with in Kiko stores. Their in store lighting is incredibly deceiving and so you never really know what you get until you get home. In the end, I think my selection was a good one, but I also find myself gravitating to just one of these three shades.

How do these lipsticks apply?

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

Lipstick 1 is Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick 318 Mauve. I love mauves and in the tube this looks like a very pale pink shade. Also when I swatch it on my arm, I feel this pulls more like a cool toned pink rather than a mauve. But this is why lipsticks can be deceiving: they always interplay with the natural color of your lips. My lips are quite pigmented AND have a purple tone to them, and I think that influences this lipstick positively. First of all, this lipstick is darker and more pigmented than it looks in a swatch. Also on my lips, I feel it works very well as a pretty nude lipstick. This is one of those shades that works with many looks as it is a very wearable shade.

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

The second lipstick is Velvet Passion lipstick 328 Rosy Brown. And I think that is the best shade name for this lipstick as I feel that is exactly what this look slike on the lips. This is most definitely a brown lipstick, but it has a hint of pink to it. This is the least flattering of the three on my complexion. I think this looks too stark against my skin tone. It is too warm and actually makes me look a bit sickly. I think that with the right look, this can still work, but I would have to pair this with a more neutral toned blush and a less warm toned eye look.

kiko velvet passion matte lipstick 315 328 319 review swatch lipswatch

Finally, lipstick no. 3 is Velvet Passion lipstick 315 Chocolate. This is my favorite of the three and that was unexpected. I usually don’t like browns and this is most definitely a reddish toned brown, but with a hint of something cool. That is probably why it is flattering on me. In terms of uniqueness this is most definitely one of the more unique shades in my collection. This does come in some special shades as a blue, green and slate grey, but when I swatched those in store they didn’t seem to have the same kind of texture and pigmentation as the more usual shades.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, the Kiko Velvet Passion lipsticks have been a good one for me. Not all the shades I picked out were a success, but that is what happens when you try something new. I am always looking to try something new and that also means you try some things that do not always work out. That is just to the way it is. I like two of these and one of them just not as successful. In addition, I like the texture and wear time of these lipsticks. I can apply these at the start of the day and not worry about them until I get home at night. That to me is the sign of a good lipstick.

Would I recommend the Kiko Velvet Passion lipsticks?

Yes! If you are looking for a matte lipstick and you can find a shade that appeals to you than this is one you can try. Kiko is affordable, widely available and their quality is good. The shades have to be your cup of tea and I would recommend going into store rather than buying these online.

Have you tried Kiko lipsticks before?

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  1. I got Kiko Milano “Ocean Feels Lipstick” in “Feel Red” — this lipstick is drying and tugs when I put it on. But the color payoff is intense and it’s a great shade of orange-red. I don’t think I’ll get any other of their colors though.

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