Makeup Declutter 2020 // Eye Products

makeup declutter 2020 eye products mascara glitter single eyeshadow liner brows

It is the last Sunday of March and that means, we are doing my final makeup declutter. I posted my annual declutter in five parts and this will be the last one. I was due a declutter as I don’t want my collection to grow bigger than my storage. So to help you all out, I will have one more follow up for you next week which will be my makeup collection and reorganization! Let’s sort out the mess after I finished decluttering. But that will be next week’s video. Today we are still going through one more category.

Makeup Declutter 2020 // Eye Products // Mascara, Single Eyeshadow, Glitter, Liner, Brows

What would you keep?

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  1. I usually end up destashing my dried out mascara. I had one eye liner break on me so I had to get rid of that too. Usually I end up fighting with the eyeliners I try to sharpen, so I try to stick to self-sharpening ones! I hate liquid eye shadow, I’m not sure why. I don’t like creams much either.

  2. Hello! I just recently discovered your youtube channel and enjoyed watching which palettes you decluttered. If you decide to sell any of the decluttered ones, would you let me know where I can go to have a look please?

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