Disappointing Palettes

disappointing palettes

Not every product you try is the best you have ever used. That definitely also goes for eyeshadow palettes. So I thought I could do a video on my top 10 most disappointing palettes. These are not BAD palettes by any means. In fact, some of these I still like for a number of reasons. Some I decided to add to my declutter pile. These are all palettes that didn’t lack in quality, but that aren’t versatile enough, have a bland color story or just didn’t live up to my overall expectations.

Disappointing palettes // Eyeshadow palettes that did not live up with my expectations

Products mentioned:

  1. Natascha Denona Lila
  2. BH Royal Affair
  3. Make Up Revolution New Neutral
  4. Nabla Secret palette
  5. Violett Voss hashtag
  6. Colourpop The Fame
  7. Essence Witch Side
  8. Ace Beauté Slice of Paradise
  9. ABH Norvina Mini Vol 3
  10. Blush Tribe Laila 2
What eyeshadow palette did you find disappointing?

2 responses to “Disappointing Palettes”

  1. Great video. I got a small Natasha Deona palette of about 6 colors and they are all purples. It was only $12 USD on sale. I haven’t used it much, but it looks really nice. So now I’ll mention a couple of palettes that somewhat disappointed me that I recently purchased. One is Lime Crime – Venus XS in Vixen – I don’t like the formula and the colors aren’t as versatile as I thought. The other is Juvia’s Place Nubian 3: Coral. The quality is excellent like with all Juvia’s Place, but the colors are too warm, and the shimmers are too sparkly. This was really my fault because I picked it not realizing how warm it would be even though “Coral” was in the name.

    • Yeah that coral palette by Juvia’s has been on and off my wishlist for months. I know I’ll like the quality, but I am not sold on the color story.

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