Makeup Wishlist 2020

makeup wishlist 2020

Today’s video is again a bit different than planned. I just haven’t been into keeping up with new makeup releases all month and therefore have nothing to talk about. However, I do have an actual makeup wishlist on which I keep track of the makeup I am actually hoping to buy at some point in the future. Not all at once and definitely any time soon for some of this, but I like keeping track of makeup I actually want to get so I can plan my makeup spending and spread out my purchases over a length of time.

My current 2020 makeup wishlist // Makeup I am actually hoping to buy

What is on your makeup wishlist?

7 responses to “Makeup Wishlist 2020”

  1. I’m trying not to buy anymore makeup for a while since I bought tons in the past few months. But I still have Colourpop “Mint to Be” on my wishlist. I’m obsessed with pastels right now!

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