New Makeup Releases // July 2020

new makeup releases july 2020

I have found some new makeup to discuss with you guys! It is the beginning of the month and throughout June I scrolled through Instagram looking for new products that stood out to me. And there wasn’t that much that intrigued me and there is even less that I am interested in potentially buying at some point. So today’s video is a bit short than my usual new makeup releases because there was just less to talk about in my opinion. I hope you still like it!

Buy or Bye? // New Makeup Release July 2020

What new makeup releases are you planning to buy?

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  1. You’re right Colourpop doesn’t restock their site – it’s annoying. I’m interested in the Patrick TA blush, but it’s sooo pricey and cream blush breaks me out. Otherwise it looks like a great product. It got 4.7 out of 5 stars. The lipstick intrigues me as well, in true red of course.

    • I wish they would have waited a few weeks after lockdown and just relaunch with everything in stock. This wishywashy handful of restocks every few days is frustrating.

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