MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC lipstick collection 2020 lip swatch review

Me and my MAC lipsticks. We haven’t exactly fallen out of love. But we did get separated for a while. Why? I made an effort using up a lipstick last year and have a tendency to be a bit lazy when it comes to picking out a lipstick. So I have decided to make more of an effort and reacquaint myself with many of the shades in my lipstick collection by making dedicated videos and blog posts about some of the lipsticks that I own. Today we will be zooming in on my MAC lipstick collection. I own 21 shades and in this video we will be doing swatches as well as lipswatches of all of them. Hope you enjoy!

MAC Lipstick Collection // Swatching all 21 of my MAC lipsticks on my lips!

Products mentioned:

  • MAC Lustre lipstick Syrup
  • MAC Satin lipstick Brave
  • MAC Matte lipstick Velvet Teddy
  • MAC Satin lipstick Twig
  • MAC Matte lipstick Mehr
  • MAC Matte lipstick Whirl
  • MAC Powder Kiss lipstick Stay Curious
  • MAC Satin lipstick Captive
  • MAC Amplified lipstick Watch Me Simmer
  • MAC Amplified lipstick Morange
  • MAC Matte lipstick Candy Yum Yum
  • MAC Amplified lipstick Impassioned
  • MAC Retro Matte lipstick Flat Out Fabulous
  • MAC Satin lipstick Rebel
  • MAC Retro Matte lipstick Relentlessly Red
  • MAC Powder Kiss lipstick Lasting Passion
  • MAC Matte lipstick Lady Danger
  • MAC Matte lipstick Chili
  • MAC Matte lipstick Russian Red
  • MAC Amplified lipstick Darkside
  • MAC Matte lipstick Sin
What is your favorite MAC lipstick?

4 responses to “MAC Lipstick Collection”

  1. This was an awesome video! I love MAC lipsticks. The very first shade I bought was Russian Red a few years ago. I went straight for the classic red! It’s still one of my favorites. I destashed my Velvet Teddy because it was too brown. Brownish neutrals look bad on me. I like Sin and Diva as shades, but they’re too dark for me as I get a bit older, the vampy colors don’t work with my skin. Oh yeah I don’t really care all that much for the Powder Kiss formula because it has a muted color-payoff, but when I don’t want a full-on red, it works. The shade I have is Revelation and it’s been discontinued I think. I also have Ruby Woo from their retro matte line, but it’s nothing special– it seems they changed the original formula and it doesn’t have that super-matte ultra retro look anymore. The first time I swatched it was about 10 yrs ago and it was brand new. It was like one of the lipsticks I once found in my old auntie’s cabinet… VERY matte!

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