Colourpop Pretty Fresh concealer review

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

Last Wednesday I reviewed the Colourpop Pretty Fresh tinted moisturizer. However, that line also features a concealer. So of course I had to try that too. This line boasts featuring hyaluronic acid which is supposed to be great for dry skin and that is what I have. My skin type is best described as sensitive, dehydrated to dry skin and so I love a good hydrating product. The No Filter concealer was no success for be precisely because it didn’t match my skin type all that well. Let’s see whether the Colourpop Pretty Fresh is better at working for me.

Review: Colourpop Pretty Fresh concealer Fair 20 N

So let’s talk about this products first. I think Colourpop launched this a few months ago and I was super excited as this line is aimed at dry skin and supposed to be more dewy. This concealer promises to be full coverage but creamy that lasts all day. It comes in a whopping 30 different shades in a variety of undertones. So that is great too. Another great aspect? This retails for $9.

What does this concealer have to offer?

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

So this concealer features not only hyaluronic acid for hydrationg, but also coconut water. It is also oil free and gluten free like the tinted moisturizer. It comes with just over 6 grams of product which is a decent amount for a concealer. It has a rich, creamy formula that should be easy to blend and cover everything it needs to cover. Colourpop recommends this for all skin types, but I think this works best for a drier skin type. If you have quite oily skin this may start to break up too easily.

What does this product do for me?

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

I love trying concealers (it is one of my favorite products to try out and review) and this gave me a great experience. The doe foot applicator gives you just the right amount of product for a full face of application. This blends in easily with a makeup sponge, even on the under eye. I have had no experience with this creasing on me or not looking great. I was using this mostly together with the tinted moisturizer and I think they made for a great warm weather combo.

What does this product swatch like?

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

In a swatch you can usually see quite well what kind of texture a face product has. As you can see here, this concealer is on the creamy side and dare I say it: a bit thick. It feels like a very rich moisturizer would, but it stills blends in very nicely. This is a dewier formula for sure: it is not super matte, but once blended in, I feel this does turn a little bit darker on the skin. So be aware of that when you decided what shade to select. I set it with a bit of powder and than it lasts all day. It does feel a little bit tacky once it settles in, but once set with a powder this goes away. So I would recommend setting this concealer as it might crease if you don’t.

What does this concealer look like on?

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

So here you can see the before and after. I think the shade is a great match for my complexion. As you can see this looks great on the skin too: it is very natural and the before and after don’t look like heavy, cakey makeup. This looks natural and lightweight once blended in. But full coverage? No Colourpop, this is not a full coverage concealer. This is more like a medium coverage for me. You can still clearly see a bit of a that blueness from my dark circles, but it is not that noticeable anymore.

My final thoughts

colourpop pretty fresh concealer review swatch makeup application fair skin dry skin

I generally really like the Colourpop Pretty Fresh concealer. This works so much better for me than the No Filter! The shade match is much better, it doesn’t crease and it doesn’t make my undereye look dry and crepey. The No Filter instantly made me look 10 years older. The Pretty Fresh does not. It is a great everyday concealer that can work in many different situations. It is it my all time favorite concealer? No, it didn’t wow me. But it works and that is a plus.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Pretty Fresh concealer?

Yes, if Colourpop is a brand you can get a hold of quite easily this can be a nice one to try. It is a bit more expensive than for instance the Maybelline Fit Me or Age Rewind which is what this reminds me off. So depending on where you are located and how expensive certain products run, this is very comparable to some of the better drugstore concealers. However, I have tried concealers that are easier for me to buy (Make Up Revolution/ Catrice) that are also more affordable to me. So I will not be repurchasing this when it is gone.

What is your favorite affordable concealer?

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  1. I’m into trying concealers again, so I might give this one a shot. I have very oily skin, except for under my eyes where the skin tends to get dry! So this might be worth trying. I used Maybelline Age Rewind for years and I still like it, but I’m always looking for that perfect full-coverage concealer that doesn’t crease and isn’t shiny and probably doesn’t exist. LOL!

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