Melt She’s in Parties Stack review

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

One of my favorite eyeshadow discoveries in the past year? Melt Cosmetics. Melt for a while was a brand that was on my radar, but it didn’t really capture my love for all things eyeshadow until they came out with their Muerte palette last year. By that time I already owned two of their stacks though. One of those stacks, the She’s in Parties, has now been turned into an eyeshadow palette. So what better moment to review the stack version of that same palette. Here we go!

Review: Melt Cosmetics She’s in Parties Stack

So this is the review for the stack, not the palette. They retail for similar price points thought. Both retail for around the €48 mark. The palette gives you 8 shades, while the stack gives you 4. That may seem like a bad deal, but these stacks come with a boatload of product. To compare, the stack contains 10 grams of product in just 4 shades, while the palette contains 8 shades and contains 16 grams of product. So depending on what you are looking for, either one could be the better deal. Because I already own the stack, I know I won’t be buying the palette as the four shades from the stack are included already and there is no need for me to double them up, no matter how pretty I think this palette is. It is totally up my street, but so is this stack, so let’s have a closer look.

What does the stack have to offer?

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

So before Melt did palettes, they did stacks. I bought a few of those before they really started doing palettes (The Rust and She’s in Parties) and they now seem to be changing all of the stacks into palettes. In a way that is a smart move, because palettes are a lot easier to use for the average consumer. The stacks, while ingenious are a bit cumbersome to use. They are quite bulky to lay out on your table and the magnets to keep them together are so strong that it can shatter the shadows. So in a way I am glad this packaging is being converted.

What is the color story like?

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

So She’s in Parties is the dream of all lovers of plums and mauves. There are two mattes and two shimmers in this palette. The mattes are a mauve and a deep plum. The shimmers are duochromes that aren’t too intense and foiled, but can be built up to that consistency. I always felt this was one of the best stacks that Melt has come out with, simply because the color story is one that truly appealed to me.

What is the quality like?

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

Melt Cosmetics has some of the best shadow quality on the market. These mattes are a bit on the drier side, but they can be built up into a stunning level of depth. The shimmers are not the most foiled, but they can be built up and by spraying your brush you can get more life out of them. Overall, the four shades may seem a bit limiting, but I personally love pairing this with my Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves as I feel these two go together perfectly.

How do these shades swatch?

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

These are the kinds of shades that don’t swatch the best, but that are best applied with brushes. The shimmers do get some help from being applied with a finger. In the swatches you can also see that this is more warm toned leaning for a mauve/ plum palette. Often these kinds of shades are cool toned, but here they are more warm toned. I personally love the tones of these and the two duochromes have a stunning shift to them.

What do these shades look like on?

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

So while you might think this won’t look that great, but by looking at the swatches, you can see here that the look you get with this is a stunning, smokey, sultry, plummy eye look. Smokey but still wearable. This is a great palette for a neutral look for everyday. And since you get so much product, even if you use it everyday you would spend a life time using it up. The only other brand that will give you this much product in a single pan is Natascha Denona.

My final thoughts

melt she's in parties stack eyeshadow palette review swatch make up look fair skin

I am going to be very honest here and say that I wish I had waited for the palette to come out, because I would have loved some of the mid tones that are in that palette. Besides, I am more of a palette girl at heart, so it would make more sense to me. However, when I bought this, Melt palettes weren’t even on the horizon yet and so I am going to say that this stack is a great little, curated color story that is wearable and totally aligned with the kind of shades I love to wear.

Would I recommend the Melt She’s in Parties stack?

By now the stack may be harder to get, but the palette was released just recently so that is something you can look into. These palettes are pricey (I mean 8 shades for €48 is still a lot) but they are well worth it. The quality is great, the color stories are on point and if you like mauves and plums this is one of the best selections on the market. Even if this color story is not what you like, Melt has many other color stories that you might enjoy instead.

What Melt palette appeals to you the most?

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  1. I love the look you did with this! Cool lipstick too, what is that shade? I haven’t tried Melt yet, I’m waiting for it to go on sale. I have my eye on “Smoke Sessions” but “She’s In Parties” (the palette) looks good to me too after seeing this review.

  2. […] If you know anything about me, then you’ll know I am not someone to immediately purchase a product as it is launched. I like to wait for reviews and products being out a little bit longer before I purchase. But this one I snatched up the minute it launched. The color story instantly appealed to me. So I knew I wanted this the minute it was announced. It was interesting, it was different and it was by a brand that I knew could do good quality shadow having already tried some of their stacks. […]

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