The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Tag

the ultimate eyeshadow palette tag

I finally did something that I had been wanting to do for a while: create my own tag. I love tags as they give you a certain number of questions or prompts to answer and therefore it usually has you talk about slightly different content than just your favorites. So if you would like to know about my ultimate palette for an everyday look, my ultimate warm toned color story and my ultimate underrated palette, then stay tuned.

The ultimate eyeshadow palette tag // My first tag!

The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Tag:

  • The ultimate smokey eye palette
  • The ultimate everyday look in a palette
  • The ultimate discontinued palette
  • The ultimate colorful palette
  • The ultimate rainbow palette
  • The ultimate palette with value for money
  • The ultimate warm toned color story
  • The ultimate cool toned color story
  • The ultimate neutral toned color story
  • The ultimate indie palette
  • The ultimate high end palette
  • The ultimate luxury palette
  • The ultimate drugstore palette
  • The ultimate underrated palette
  • The ultimate limited edition palette

Leave your picks in a comment down below!

2 responses to “The Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Tag”

  1. I almost bought Naked 2, on sale, but didn’t, now it’s gone! I’m sure I would have loved it. I have Naked 3, and it’s okay, a little too warm for my taste. My answers to most of these would be something Juvia’s Place, but for the discontinued one (other than Naked 2) I think the White Chocolate Bar by Too Faced would get that slot. I really wanted to try that one, especially the periwinkle shade!

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