YSL All Hours vs L’Oreal Fresh Wear foundation

ysl all hours foundation vs l'oreal fresh wear foundation comparison dupe fair skin dry skin review wear test

Could they be dupes? That is what I was wondering when I tried both of these foundations. Which ones? The YSL All Hours and L’Oreal Fresh Wear. These are two of my all time favorite foundations for my pale dry skin and since I kept raving about it, people suggested I do a comparison video. So in this video I apply each one to one side of my face and then wear the makeup for a full day. I update you along the way. Let’s found out if it is worth splurging €60 on a foundation!

YSL All Hours vs L’Oreal Infallible 24 hr Fresh Wear foundation // Comparison + 8 hour wear test // Are these dupes?

Foundations mentioned:

  • YSL All Hours foundation BR20
  • L’Oreal 24hr Fresh Wear foundation 20 Ivory/ Ivoire
What do you think of these two foundations?

2 responses to “YSL All Hours vs L’Oreal Fresh Wear foundation”

  1. Years ago I splurged and purchased YSL Touche Eclat concealer pen and I really liked it! I didn’t repurchase because of the price, although I wonder if the L’Oreal version is any good. I think the YSL side of your face held up better and the foundation is likely better quality (as it should be for the price) but it looked good on both sides. 🙂

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