Zoeva Authentik Skin Foundation review

Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation review swatch makeup look fair skin dry skin 030N Ambition

Zoeva is for sure one of my favorite brands but I have mainly tried their palettes. So when they released complexion products I was very excited. I first decided to try the foundation, the concealer will be one of the next ones I want to try. The Authentik Skin foundation is described as a natural and luminous foundation and many people have compared it to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous foundation. That’s is one I hope to try soon too, so you can expect me to do a side by side comparison once I have tried both of them. But first let’s have a closer look at the Authentik Skin foundation.

Review: Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation 030N Ambition

Let’s talk some stats: this foundation comes in 44 shades and it retails for €26. This shade range is divided into four categories: light, medium, tan and deep. Then within those categories some shades are more warm toned, cool toned or neutral toned. I went with 030n Ambition. The website comes with a shade picker which is quite easy to use and I feel I got the shade just right. At this price point I do expect a bit more of my foundation than let’s say a Catrice one, but it is still a reasonable price point for a foundation if it’s good.

What does the Authentik Skin foundation have to offer?

Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation review swatch makeup look fair skin dry skin 030N Ambition

The Authentik Skin foundation sounds like something I might really really like. I like my foundations to be luminous and hydrating. This foundation features rose hip oil and has a buildable coverage with a radiant finish. The formula should be lightweight but still have enough coverage to even out your skin tone while still looking natural on the skin. If that doesn’t sound like a good foundation then I don’t know what does?

What does this foundation swatch like?

Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation review swatch makeup look fair skin dry skin 030N Ambition

I think in this swatch you can see what this foundation can do. The texture is thin and liquidy and one pump does not give you enough to cover your entire face. This is definitely a 1.5 or 2 pump foundation. Once you apply it you can see how it becomes a very nice luminous finish on the skin. The texture is indeed lightweight but the pigment is on point meaning this still has excellent coverage. On the face this looks natural and it lasts all day. I mean, this thing survived work out classes and full days of teaching from 9 to 5. In my book that is good foundation.

What does this foundation look like on the skin?

Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation review swatch makeup look fair skin dry skin 030N Ambition

As you can see here, the foundation has tremendous coverage for how thin it is. It evens out my skin tone beautifully and the shade of this is absolutely spot on. It may look a bit pale when it goes on first, but it is a bit more yellow toned than most neutral foundations I own and it’s of course about how this looks like once the rest of your makeup is done. Just foundation by itself never looks right, but I hope you can see how natural this looks. It truly has that second skin look and feel.

My Final Thoughts

Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation review swatch makeup look fair skin dry skin 030N Ambition

The Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation sits well on my dry/ dehydrated skin. It wears well all day and the shade is spot on. I appreciate the shade range and I love how this comes in both neutral, warm and cool undertones. It is a bit pricier than most foundations at the drugstore, but at this price point I feel it is also a really really good one. This is a hydrating foundation that can compete with my high end ones that are double the price.

Would I recommend the Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation?

Yes! If your skin is like mine then definitely check this out. It is a shame this will be difficult to find in stores so getting your exact match may be difficult. However, I found the tool on the website easy enough to use and I love how this foundation is a very lightweight texture yet still gives me the coverage and finish I love in a foundation.

What do you think of the Zoeva Authentik Skin foundation?

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  1. Hi Maaike,

    I thought this foundation looked very good on you. Not too cakey, too matt nor too shiny.
    Very pretty, with a natueral glow from within.I hope this will be available at Douglas soon to have a look and a swatch.

      • Totally agree that if would be better to have the newest releases available as well.
        I sometimes wonder the reasoning behind (corporate) decisions not to release the newest products. In general the public would loose interest in a brand if only the old stuff is available.
        But on a positive note: Lorac finally came to Europe, to Beauty Bay AND Boozyshop after not being availabe to non US residents for as long as I can remember.

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