New Makeup Releases // October 2020

new makeup releases october 2020

Let’s talk new makeup releases. It’s October meaning all the Halloween and Holiday collections are dropping left and right. What do I like, what do I not like? Anything that is making the wishlist? Let me tell you I am very underwhelmed with what’s on offer. There are literally two things here that I definitely would like to get. The rest? A bit samey-samey and not unique enough for it to spark my interest. How about you?

Buy or Bye? // New Makeup Releases // October 2020

What new makeup release are you interested in?

2 responses to “New Makeup Releases // October 2020”

  1. Great video! I don’t get the Cinnamon Bear palette from Too Faced either. Why not make that one for Valentine’s Day if they’re going to do it at all? The “Friends” one had me laughing because I totally agree. I watched about 10 episodes total and didn’t enjoy a single one. Why is it a classic? LOL. I’m not interested in any new releases and that’s a good thing, since I’ll be moving next year I don’t want to have to take extra stuff. But as always, I’ll be watching just IN CASE there’s something good! 🙂

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