Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love

Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love review swatch makeup look lipswatch fair skin

You say: lipstick, I say Catrice. You say: excellent quality, I say Catrice. You say: affordable, I say Catrice. You say: red lipstick, I say Catrice. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Catrice does it yet again. Make a great lipstick that is. This is their latest installment in their Demi Matt line which has been updated for the fall/ winter 2020 season. Not a full line of lipstick but just one single shade. And I am not mad about it as I loved the original line up that was released last year. I did a full video on it including lipswatches and I thought I could update you on my thought on their newest rendition.

Review: Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love

When I see a new affordable red lipstick, I of course have to try it. So when I spotted that Catrice would be doing a new, darker toned red I was all over it. Catrice make some of my favorite affordable lipsticks at the drugstore. It is a bit of a shame that they have done away with their Ultimate Colour and Ultimate Matt lines as I preferred those over the newer lines I think, but still the Demi Matt line is a great one still. These retail for just €3.99 and that is a steal for a lipstick this good.

What does this lipstick have to offer?

Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love review swatch makeup look lipswatch fair skin

Can we just admire that packaging for a minute? Minus my dirty finger smudges of course. What I love about the Demi Matt lipsticks by Catrice is that they definitely tried to make these look as luxurious as they could. I love that about Catrice. Yes it is cheap plastic but the way the mold for these bullets was cut just shows the attention to detail. One downside: these all come in black packaging, so if you own a few of these it can be difficult to tell them apart. That said, Catrice does put stickers in the lipstick shade on one end so if you store them all upside down you should be okay telling them apart.

What is the lipstick shade like?

Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love review swatch makeup look lipswatch fair skin

Not only the packaging is stunning, so is the actual lipstick itself. Catrice definitely attempted to emulate the super gorgeous Lisa Eldridge lipsticks by also have that velvety look to the lipstick. Granted, it is not as chic or sophisticated looking as those more expensive ones but for a drugstore brand this is not too shabby. The sharp pointed tip makes these super easy to apply and also very easy to create a very precise line. No lip liner needed. The shade is spot on too. REDefine Love is a deeper red than most red lipsticks and so it is perfect for the fall/ winter season. If I had to describe it, I’d call it the perfect Holiday/ Christmas red. Yes I know it’s only October, but this will definitely get you in those festive spirits.

What does this lipstick swatch like?

Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love review swatch makeup look lipswatch fair skin

REDefine Love is very typical of the other lipsticks I tried in the Demi Matt line. It has a thin formula that is super pigmented. It goes on fully opaque with just a single swipe of the bullet across your lips. I wished this was a bit richer and creamier as I find this formula a touch drying on the lips (more so than the older Ultimate Matt line). Another thing this lipstick has is a bit of a sheen. This is not a flat matte, but it has a bit more dimension to it making it very flattering on the lips. It still feels comfortable after a few hours and the lipstick typically lasts perfectly up to 6 hours. Beyond that the colour will stay put (no need to touch up during a workday with these) but it will show visible wear and that’s when the lipstick also becomes a bit drying.

What does this lipstick look like on the lips?

Catrice Demi Matt lipstick 110 REDefine Love review swatch makeup look lipswatch fair skin

As you can see here, this lipstick is a perfect, deeper red. It has a bit of warmth to it, but I feel it still leans mostly neutral in the color spectrum. Think of it as a classic red but then a little bit deeper. That is how I would describe it. It looks great with a classic smokey eye like I am wearing here but it is just a great allrounder. A lipstick I feel many people might enjoy.

My final thoughts

This Catrice Demi Matt lipstick in REDefine Love is a stunner of a lipstick. It is an affordable lipstick that beats many high end brands. Does it beat my all time favorites Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Bite Beauty, Urban Decay and MAC? Not by a long shot, but at this price point these lipsticks just can’t be beat. Catrice again proves why they make my favorite affordable lipstick formula and why it is the brand I have the most lipsticks by in my collection. This is just an excellent product and does not disappoint.

Would I recommend the Catrice Demi Matt lipstick in REDefine Love?

Yes I would! If you are looking for that perfect Christmas red or just a classic red shade that will work well on your if you have a deeper complexion than this is a great on. The formula is stunning, the pigmentation is on point and it is longwearing. You’d almost hope that no Christmas parties will have to be cancelled just so you can wear this lipstick. At least that is how I feel!

What is the last great affordable lipstick you tried?

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  1. Funny story, while we were evacuated, I realized I didn’t bring any eyeshadow. So I went into a drug store to get some. (I figure since we’re all wearing masks, I could at least still put makeup on my eyes while I was forced to be out and about) My first thought for a good drug store brand was Catrice. Then I realized we don’t have it in the US (at least not that I’ve seen)! I like this shade of red, it’s really pretty. To answer the question, I recently tried Morphe’s Mega Matte Super Mat on sale for $6 a tube. I got the shades “Lover” and “Steamy”. Although it really tugs going on, it’s got rich color and it comes off all in one swipe, and amazingly enough does NOT dry my already dry lips out. I’d say it was a good surprise for only $6.

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