Comparing Eyeshadow Palettes

comparing eyeshadow palettes

Let’s talk eyeshadow palettes again! Today we will be comparing 10 alternative pairings that could be dupes but aren’t quite that. However, the color stories are comparable and the quality is on point, so when is which palette right and for whom? That’s what I hope to tell you all about in today’s video. Let me know in a comment below what pairings/ alternatives/ dupes you can think of!

Comparing eyeshadow palettes

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What eyeshadow palettes do you think are comparable?

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  1. Great comparisons. I try to make sure I don’t buy two palettes that are too much alike. I think The Chocolates and The Taupes by Juvia’s Place are similar to Chocolate Bar by Too Faced (which I have), which is why I haven’t been interested in the Juvia’s Place palettes recently.

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