Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter review

catrice more than glow highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

When Catrice releases their new updated makeup line, we all know I am all over that like hot cakes. So when I spotted they would be redoing their highlighters I was intrigued. Because even though I liked their previous installment, the 3D Glow Highlighters, the shades in that range just weren’t for me and I ended up decluttering them. So far I only still owned one highlighter by them from their Luminice Highlight & Blush palette and over the summer time I added the Sungasm limited edition highlighter to my collection. Both stunning products, but one comes in a palette and the other is massive. So when I spotted that their new More Than Glow Highlighter comes in small, compact packaging and in a shade that looked right up my street, I of course had to try it.

Review: Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter 010 Ultimate Platinum Glaze

We all know by now that Catrice is affordable. Just how affordable do you ask? Welp, for this highlighter you only have to pay €3.99. That is a great price point for an affordable highlighter. Especially one that has a cream to powder formula like this one: that is usually a formula you find in much more high end, much more expensive highlighters so this product is definitely up there for me when it comes down to how affordable it is and what you get inside.

What does this Catrice highlighter have to offer?

catrice more than highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

The compact of this product is very simple: just a see through plastic with a floral print on it. The product inside it is what matters most of course. This is a powder highlighter but the texture is thick and feels like a cream. Hence my ‘cream to powder’ formula claim above. This powder looks intense and metallic like it does in the pan and look at that stunning embossing. Catrice knows how to make an affordable product look much more high end. That’s for sure!

What can you expect from this highlighter?

catrice more than highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

In terms of availability this may be a little bit hard to come by. This new fall/ winter 2020 line up is being rolled out across Europe as we speak and so it may be hard to find depending on where you are located. What is good to know though is that this product comes in three shades: from this very pale champagne to a pink and a yellow toned gold. In short, they do try to cater to more skin tones which is great as Catrice isn’t exactly known for their inclusive shade ranges. They have gotten better over time, but they still have a bit of work to do on that front.

What does the highlighter swatch like?

catrice more than highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

As is to be expected with a ‘cream to powder’ kind of formula this highlighter swatches like a dream. This feels buttery, smooth and has a lovely texture. The shade is spot on too. When I bought this, I couldn’t find swatches anywhere yet and on the website this highlighter looked super yellow toned. But now that I have it, I can tell you the shade is more like a champagne but then more cool toned leaning. It is not quite white either as it has some warmth to it. So while icy and perfect for my fair skin, this highlighter also has a bit of warmth to it that keeps it from looking too stark.

What does this highlighter look like on the face?

catrice more than highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

First of all, apologies for that cakey foundation look around my nose but I have been struggling with some dry skin in that area that I am currently trying to remedy with a good skincare routine. But everything simply catches onto it. So it’s not the foundation’s fault. What we are here for is the look of the highlighter of course. The highlighter has a great everyday shade to it. This is one of those highlighter that increases in intensity the more you buff it into the skin. You can use a light hand and get a perfect every day sheen, or you can layer this for a full on Instagram baddie glow that can be seen from space kind of look.

My final thoughts

catrice more than highlighter review swatch makeup look fair skin 010 ultimate platinum glaze

What do I really think of this new Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter? I have to say that I am very surprised with how much I like this. I already knew Catrice could do good highlighters as I have liked plenty in the past. However, often the shades just weren’t that special or perfect for everyday. What I appreciate so much about this particular highlighter is the shade: it is that perfect highlighter that you can wear day to night and with every single makeup look you do. The shade is neutral enough that it can work with pretty much any other makeup you wear. The formula is spot on too. This is just a fail safe highlighter that is great for so many people.

Would I recommend the Catrice More Than Glow Highlighter?

For sure! Once you can get your hands on this, I feel this is a great product to look into. The shade is great for fair skinned guys and gals like me, but if this more icy shade is not your cup of tea then the brand offers the same formula in two other shades as well. At this price point I don’t think this can be beat. It reminds me a lot of the Essence The Highlighter that was released last year, which became an instant favorite for me. Catrice really aced it with this one!

What is your favorite affordable highlighter?

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