Catrice Hydro Depuffing eye serum review

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catrice hydro depuffing eye serum review skincare dry skin

I am guessing Catrice is planning on doing more and more skincare. This is something they first started doing at the start of 2020 and now they have extended their line. So far I have tried their Glow Booster serum and the Glow Beautifying Face oil with different results. I liked the booster serum, but the face oil not so much. So let’s see how the Hydro Depuffing eye serum worked out for me.

Review: Catrice Skincare Hydro Depuffing eye serum

The reason why I wanted to try this product is because it reminded me of a product that I used years ago. In fact, I think it was one of the first product reviews I ever posted on this blog. In 2011 (!!) I wrote a review on the Garnier Caffeine eye roller. A product that is no longer available and something I find a bit of a shame as I really liked it and used a few of these up until it was discontinued a few years later. I think this product hasn’t been on the market for more than 5 years, so I was happy to see Catrice do a very similar product at just €4.59.

What does the eye serum have to offer?

catrice hydro depuffing eye serum review skincare dry skin

Sadly this product is not the same as the Garnier one I used to love. That featured caffeine (or so it claimed) and that really helped with depuffing my under eye bags on those early mornings just fine. This one is more of a hydrating product, but since it has that roller ball, I was hoping that it could have that cooling/ massaging effect that I remembered from the Garnier roller. It does, but let me tell you why this is nothing like the other product I used.

How does this product work?

catrice hydro depuffing eye serum review skincare dry skin

The reason why I am putting this product up against the Garnier caffeine roller is because this also boasts including caffeine. I can’t find much in terms of formulation on this product though which is a bit of a miss for me. There aren’t many ingredients in this, but it’s mainly water and glycerin followed by cucumber extract. The two ingredients listed in the name: hyaluronic acid and caffeine are not that high up the list. There are only 10 ingredients in this product though, so that is a good element to this.

What does this product promise to do?

catrice hydro depuffing eye serum review skincare dry skin

Since this is a skincare product, it comes with a bunch of promises. This should pretty much make your eyes look more awake instantly. When I was using this daily I felt what worked best for me about this product wasn’t the product itself but the metallic ball that comes in the tube. The reason for that is the fact that the product is difficult to dispense. Hardly anything comes out, so you need to store this upside down if you want to get enough product out to get it to work. And that is a shame, because the product feels very nice. Do I really see a difference after using this? Not really, but the fact that you are essentially massaging your under eye area will already help with depuffing the area, so it is difficult to tell whether the product truly makes any difference. For the most part I feel that all I need is plain water and that can do the trick too.

My final thoughts

catrice hydro depuffing eye serum review skincare dry skin

The Catrice Hydro Depuffing eye serum was a product that I had pretty high expectations for and in the end I feel they didn’t deliver. I have a hard time getting the product to come out and that makes it difficult to use. Due to this, I have been using this product less and less as time progresses, because as the amount of product goes down it only becomes harder to get the product to come out. When I get to use enough of this product I quite like it, but I don’t see the kind of difference I remember seeing with the Garnier roller.

Would I recommend the Catrice Hydro Depuffing eye serum?

I am a bit on the fence about this one. While I think the product does just enough, using the product is just a bit of a faffs. Maybe I just got a dud packaging, or maybe that metallic ball is just closing off the container too well for the product to come out. In short, I feel this product could be improved on and therefore I don’t think this product is worth is necessarily. I will certainly keep on using it for those early morning wake up calls, but I don’t think I’d repurchase.

What skincare item did you last try?

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  2. Sherry Avatar

    I haven’t used this product. But I did use the Garnier eyeroller when it came out. I loved it. I did see the Garnier eyeroller on Walgreens & Target website, but with a tint. And I think without tint. I don’t know if that is the exact same Garnier product we used to use or not.

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