New Makeup Releases January 2021

new makeup releases january 2021

In today’s video we are chatting about some new makeup releases again. It’s a slightly smaller list than usual as not much was announced because it was the end of the year and because not that much stood out to me. So this isn’t a super long video, but I still found some good stuff to chat to you about. What new makeup releases piqued your interest last month?

New Makeup Releases January 2021

What new makeup release are you excited for?

4 responses to “New Makeup Releases January 2021”

  1. I’m not really interested in anything so far (and that’s good because I’m trying to go on a no-buy! We’ll see!) I got Juvia’s “The Nubian Royal” and I was disappointed to see that one of the shades is a pressed glitter. I should have been paying more attention. It took half the day to get the glitter off my finger! No way I’m putting it on my eyes. I have contacts! But the other shades look really nice, so I’m glad I got it. I agree, however, that the 4 shades (one being a pressed glitter) is definitely not worth getting.

      • This is the first palette I’ve ever gotten with a pressed glitter and they’re every bit as bad as I expected and then some! It sticks worse to you than those greeting cards with glitter on them. LOL.

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