Coat Collection 2021

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coat collection 2021 trying on al my winter coats & summer jackets

Another week another fashion video! Today we are talking coats & jackets. I love a good coat in the winter time, but for completion’s sake I am also throwing in the small number of lightweight, summer time jackets I own. I feel there was quite a bit change as I decluttered quite a few coats over the summer as they just looked a bit worse for wear. So I replaced some of the coats I owned to more updated, more classic or more practical styles for what I need in my life. Does anyone really need 20 coats though?

Coat Collection 2021 // Trying on all my winter coats & lightweight jacket

Mentioned in the video:

  1. Forever 21 faux leather jacket
  2. H&M oversized denim jacket
  3. H&M parka
  4. H&M checked shacket
  5. H&M lined denim jacket
  6. Primark lined parka
  7. H&M mustard teddy jacket
  8. H&M snow leopard faux fur coat
  9. H&M trenchcoat
  10. ZARA navy brushed wool coat
  11. ZARA camel wool coat
  12. H&M red coat
  13. Mango burgundy faux fur coat
  14. Primark tobacco duffel coat
  15. H&M navy/ beige wool coat
  16. Only Prince of Wales check coat
  17. ZARA herring bone grey coat
  18. H&M black faux fur coat
  19. ZARA teddy coat
  20. C&A lammy coat
What is your favorite winter coat?

2 responses to “Coat Collection 2021”

  1. retrodee Avatar

    I like the H&M Navy and beige wool coat. I have a few coats, but I’m going to need something SUPER warm when I move to Massachusetts next year!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Yup, Massachusetts can be brutal in the winter.

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