Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo blush review

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melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

It’s time to start reviewing some of the new blushes I have been trying these past few months. By the end of 2020, I went on a huge blush kick and I got quite a few new blushes to try. One of those new blushes was this new release from Melt Cosmetics. Their Digital Dust highlighter in Morning Star was a huge success for me and I love their eyeshadows too, so I was curious to see what their blush formula would be like. The Digital Dust Duo blushes were released last fall and I picked up one of the three shades. Today I am reviewing Raw Honey for you.

Review: Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blush in Raw Honey

Melt Cosmetics is not a cheap brand, but neither is it super affordable. Depending on where you are located this brand may be harder to find. Here in Europe they are only sold on Beauty Bay, marked up and nearly everything is out of the stock the minute something launches. Your only other option is the official Melt website, which ships from the US and charges quite a hefty shipping fee for international customers and you may get his with a customs fee on top of that. So food for thought. In any case, this blush retails for €33.50 which is similar in price to other high end brands such as Too Faced or Urban Decay (if those brands still did good blushes).

What does this blush have to offer?

melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

After trying the Digital Dust highlighter, I was intrigued enough to try the blush. These products all have a very densely packed, baked gelee texture that gives a lovely sheen on the skin. This blush offers some serious glow so that has to be your cup of tea. The formula is 100% vegan and the lighter shade of the two doubles as a highlighter. So this blush is also multi-functional and actually gives you three shades in one compact. You could apply just the darker shade, just the lighter shade, or you could swirl them together for a softer look.

What is the color like?

melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

The minute I spotted Raw Honey on the promo pictures I knew I wanted that shade. There are three shades available but one is a coral and the other is a peach. Of those two, I think only the peach shade will work on my skin tone as the coral looks much much too dark. Raw Honey comes in a shade that I love best when it comes to blush: it’s a mauve. The shade is described as the deepest shade (Raw) being a mauve bronze and the lightest shade (Honey) as a pink beige. The shade looked a bit deep at first but I have found that this is the kind of blush that you can easily control and therefore you do not have to be too careful when applying this.

What does this blush swatch like?

melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

In a full on finger swatch, this blush clearly shows off its glow. Look at how shiny these are! And forget about the claim that only the lightest shade is a highlighter: if it suits your skin tone also the darkest shade could be used like that as the shine is just on point with these. So only look into this if you are looking for a seriously glowing blush. If you prefer a matte, this is not for you! For the swatch I first applied the darker shade, then the lighter shade and on the right is the shade you get if you blend them together. I personally would not use these separately as the individual shades aren’t perfect for my fair skinned complexion with its cool to neutral undertone (it’s much too warm toned!). However, the shade to the right, with both shades blended together is right up my street. It’s not too warm, not too cool, nor too light or too dark.

What does this blush look like on the skin?

melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

Swatches only tell half the story though and therefore I love showing you what this looks like on the skin as well. Applied to the cheeks I find this gives a very sheer wash of color. As intense as this looks in the swatch, that’s how subtle a brush application is. This is the kind of blush I can go to town with: I can add layer upon layer to build up the intensity of the color and the shine. For my fair skin that is a great thing as many blushes look far too intense on me and I own three blush brushes so I can allow myself the right amount of control. This is best applied with a dense brush and you can add 2 – 3 layers for a full on effect. In the picture above I have applied just one layer and at first I was disappointed, but after using this more and figuring out how to make it work, I was very happy with this product.

My final thoughts

melt digital dust duo blush raw honey review fair skin swatch dry skin makeup look application

The Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo blush in Raw Honey is one that I truly love. Melt is pricey and difficult to get so that is my only grip here. Also, if you don’t enjoy glowy blushes I would not recommend this formula. On me, this makes for one of the most intensely glowing blushes I own and I am not mad about it as that is exactly what I have been veering towards in recent years. The shade is stunning, it wears well (but then again, I hardly ever experience fading of blushes on my dry skin) and I love the formula and how easy it is to control the amount of product used. You can use this full on and go all glam and glowy, or you can apply a single layer and make it look super natural.

Would I recommend the Melt Digital Dust Duo blush?

Raw Honey is a stunning shade and I am low key contemplating picking up the more peach toned one, but orange/ peach/ coral shades aren’t my favorite and I am a bit picky when it comes to those. So unless the shade range extends, I won’t be getting any more of these. Yes, it’s a stunning formula but the shades are quite safe and not necessarily groundbreaking. Only buy if you are looking for the glowiest blush on the planet, else wait this one out until a drugstore brand dupes it for something similar.

What is the most glowy blush you ever tried?

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  1. retrodee Avatar

    Probably the glowiest is Hot Mama by The Balm but that’s more sparkly than glowy.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      But it’s a stunning blush for sure!

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