Colourpop Brow Boss brow gel review

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

We all know my everlasting love for the Essence Make Me Brow brow gel. I have therefore quite a high standard when it comes to brow gels. I have tried many other favorites: the Glossier Boy Brow, the Benefit Gimme Brow and now it is time to review another beauty community favorite. After using up yet another Essence version of my brow gel love, it is now time to try Colourpop’s Brow Boss brow gel. After trying their Precision Brow Pencil, it is time to now review the accompanying brow gel. Let’s give it a whirl.

Review: Colourpop Brow Boss brow gel in Blonde

At$7 this is definitely the most affordable one of the other non-Essence alternatives that I tried in recent years. Sure, it is Colourpop, so my usual disclaimer applies. I like to buy Colourpop in larger batches, whenever there is a sale. I feel if I then make sure I get free shipping, the shipping and handling fees added by customs level out the total price to be roughly around the price you would pay normally. That way you can keep it manageable and you will know you buy stuff you like. This is one of those products I kind of threw into my basket to try it as I had heard many great things.

What does the Brow Boss brow gel have to offer?

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

The Colourpop brow gel is one that comes in a small, simple tube and has a very small spoolie. It promises to be non-crunchy. In case you have never experienced this, but some brow gels can make your brow hair so stiff that it almost hurts. That crunchy look means they stay put for sure, but it also feels quite unpleasant. This does have a dry down and you can feel something sitting in your brows, but it is definitely less intense than many other brow products I have tried. It comes in 5 shades, including a clear version.

What is the product like?

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

This is very comparable to many other brow gels I have tried. I would say this is a bit thicker in texture though and that is immediately why this isn’t my favorite. Within my makeup routine, I do my brows after my base is done and I feel this has the kind of texture that can smudge a bit if I get too much on. Because this has a thicker texture, it easily gets caught on my brow hairs and therefore it can look a bit gloopy. So I sometimes need a clean spoolie to make sure this still looks natural.

What does this product swatch like?

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

As you can see in this picture, the texture is a bit gloopy almost. This has to do with some of the fibers that are suspended in the formula. Like the Gimme Brow and Make Me Brow, this is the kind of brow product that isn’t just a wet gel, but it actually has some fibers to add volume to your brows. I personally love that look, but it may be good to know that this one has that feature in case you don’t. Other than that, this has good pigmentation to it and it will definitely show up in your brows.

What does this product look like on the brows?

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

As you can see this brow gel achieves a pretty defined, yet natural effect. This is the kind of brow product that works well in your brows if you want that feathery brow look. I personally love that look, but it can also make your brows look heavy if you already have some brows going on. Luckily for me, despite being a blonde, my brows show up naturally and they aren’t super fair. So I feel the shade works well for me, be it a touch darker than I would prefer. However, if you have super fair brows, this is going to be much too dark and therefore stark. I don’t understand how they can claim this to be a shade for blondes, but that is often a problem for lighter haired gals. I know the struggle as often brown products are much too warm toned against my skin and hair color. This one does have the right undertone, but rather than a blonde, I would say this is more like a medium brown.

My final thoughts

colourpop brow boss brow gel review blonde swatch makeup look application

The Colourpop Brow Boss brow gel is a great affordable option for your brow gel needs. Is it perfect? No. Does it work. Yes. Does it beat the Essence Make Me Brow? Hell to the no. This is just not as easy to use, nor is it as easy to get for me personally. The Essence isn’t only better, it is also more affordable as it retails for half the price of this one. So you knew I was going to love that even more than this. But yeah if you do happen to buy this, you wouldn’t regret it per se, provided the shade is right for your brows.

Would I recommend the Colourpop Brow Boss brow gel?

Sure. If you like this and live in the US and can grab this from Ultra, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a good buy. However, if like me, you don’t live anywhere where Colourpop is more readily availabe, this isn’t the product I would end up placing an order for on the Colourpop website. It’s okay, gets the job done, but I know I won’t be repurchasing this.

What do you think is the best brow gel you ever used?

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  1. I like how this looks on you! The fibers would probably be too much on me since I have very thick brows. I use Benefit KaBrow, the pomade kind in the little pot. I don’t need much, but it fills in any gaps and helps shape my brows.

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