Too Faced Hangover RX setting spray review

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

You know my setting spray policy. Like many other face products, I have a tendency to use one up before I move on to the next one. This means I get to try more products while I still get a good feel for them as well. In terms of setting spray I like trying minis and travel sizes to try as many as I can. Therefore today’s review isn’t for the full size Too Faced Hangover RX setting spray, but for the travel size. Much like the primer from the same line that I love, this is a good product that gets the job done. Let’s dive into the review.

Review: Too Faced Hangover RX 3-in-1 Setting Spray

The reason why I like to try the travel size first if I can? Because it is less expensive. Sure you get less product, but I wouldn’t be able to try as many setting sprays if I only bought large 100 ml bottles. Of course if you truly truly love a bottle, you can always go out and repurchase the large size to get more bang for your buck. However, I don’t mind paying less and getting less if it means I can just try the product to see if I like it. A full size of this setting spray retails for €33.65, while the travel size is less than half the price at €15.29.

What does this setting spray have to offer?

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

So this is one of those setting sprays that promises to do a lot, hence the 3-in-1 claim. It promises to replenish, prime AND set your makeup. I do not tend to use a spray to replenish my skin, nor to prime it and I don’t think this product should be used as such. It’s not hydrating enough to work as a skincare product, nor does it settle down even enough to really work well under makeup. The main way I have been using it? As a setting spray and I feel this product works well enough to do that. I never really go in with a spray after a few hours of wear on my makeup to make my makeup look better. I tend to be that kind of person who puts on makeup in the morning and then just forgets to touch things up throughout the day.

Are there any downsides to this setting spray?

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

Oh yes: stay away if you do not like heavily scented makeup. Like the primer in this line, this spray includes coconut water and a strong coconut scent. So that has to be your cup of tea. I tend to not mind it too much as the scent evaporates very quickly. However, Too Faced is known for their heavily scented makeup and I have not liked it all that much in the past. Their Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach eyeshadow palettes, while raved about by so many people as smelling so good, made me gag and I wasn’t able to use my Sweet Peach until years later after the scent had mostly dissipated. I tend to do my makeup first thing in the morning and using a product that smells like straight up Haribo candy, just wasn’t really my jam. So if you are sensitive to fragrance then this may be one to stay away from.

How does the spritzer work?

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

First of all, this is a spray that comes with a nice spritzer. We have all been there: you open a new bottle of a new setting spray, only to be attacked by the jetstream that is the spritzer. This doesn’t do that. This is more of a mist that settles down on your skin. The droplets aren’t super fine with this though so you can see them sitting on your skin a little bit. Where with some setting sprays that leads to weird bubble imprints to appear on your face makeup, this never has that effect. It settles down evenly and it dries down quickly.

How does this setting spray work?

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

The setting spray itself doesn’t feel like a setting spray at all. It feels very hydrating and at first I was wondering how this would make my makeup last longer. But it does! It makes my skin look dewy and more natural once it has dried down. However, that effect is only reached if I douse my face in this stuff. So while very pleasant on the skin, I feel I have to use much more of this product than would be absolutely necessary to get the desired effect. Needless to say, this product may make my makeup last longer, but it certainly didn’t last long in my collection. In a matter of mere weeks I have nearly run out of this.

My final thoughts

too faced hangover rx 3 in 1 setting spray review swatch application makeup look dry skin

Yes, the Too Faced Hangover RX setting spray is a lovely product that gets the job done. However, with how much product I have to use, even if I were to buy the full size, I would go through this so quickly, that to me a repurchase isn’t going to be worth it. At the end of the day, I feel I get a similar effect, but without the strong coconut scent (!!) from the Catrice Shake Fix & Glow setting spray. And that spray is only €4.99 for nearly twice the amount that you get in this one. So not only does it last longer, it also is much cheaper to repurchase.

Would I recommend the Too Faced Hangover RX setting spray?

Sure, if you are looking for a setting spray that makes your makeup last but still feels hydrating on the skin, then I think this is a good one. However, by now it’s just not wholly unique to the makeup sphere. I feel this way about many priming and setting products: you can find very good, much more affordable alternatives from much cheaper brands. So I feel you do not need to splurge on a clear spray that does no more than to make my face feel pleasant and my makeup last just that little bit longer.

What setting spray is your favorite?

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