Too Faced Hangover RX primer

After trying this for weeks on end, I finally feel ready to review this product. In terms of face primer, I do not have too much experience, but that also means that I am going into these kind of products quite blindly. I don’t have a strong preference for a primer yet and all I know is that I quite liked the ELF Hydrating Primer. In terms of hydration, I have heard even better things about the Too Faced Hangover RX primer. So do I love it as much? too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

Too Faced Hangover RX Replenishing Face Primer

The main reason why I was interested in this is that this is a silicone free primer. Silicones can clog your pores and since I can use all the hydration I can get, I thought it would be worth a try. This is why I purchased the travel size version. The smaller version retails for around €15. The full size version costs twice as much.

The Packaging

too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

The packaging of this primer is simply sublime. It comes in a squeezy tube that is equipped with a pump. Not only makes that for a super easy to use product, it is also hygienic. The pump is easy to use and I do find I have to keep this standing upright to ensure the product goes down enough to pump out an even amount. But that is a minor detail.

The Ingredients

too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

Since the claims on this primer are pretty incredible, I think it is good to have a look at the ingredient list. This primer boasts to be hydrating, smoothing and brightening with ingredients such as coconut water, pro-biotic ingredients and skin revivers, whatever that may be. In addition, this primer promises to increase the skin’s elasticity and be soothing on the skin. Sounds like a skincare product does it not?

The ingredient list includes a lot of abracadabra. As can be expected the coconut water is in this product, but it is pretty far sound the list. It does contain about 3 different types of olive oil, some perfume, and a bit of actual coconut. This has a light, but pleasant coconut scent and I find that this does indeed feel very hydrating on the skin and as promised this is silicone free.

The Swatch

too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

All you need is a small drop and the result is pretty cool. This feels like a tall drink of water on the skin. It feels quite wet, without being runny. It is a lot easier to spread and blend into the skin than the ELF primer, due to it not containing any silicones. It blends in quickly and I find I can pretty much immediately layer my foundation on top. I have tried this with plenty of my foundations by now and I find this works well on all of them. It does not give me any irritations and it makes my skin feel great.

The Application

too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

But then why did I not feel ready to share my review with you for some time? Because I was unsure what this product did in terms of making my makeup last longer. I started using this at the end of winter, which is when my skin is usually a bit drier but it also means my foundation stays put a lot better. Now that we have had some warmer days I feel confident in saying that this indeed makes my makeup last as long as the ELF primer, which is great. I even wore this under makeup while I work out and my makeup stays put even after a long day. The only wear I see is where I rub my face due to hayfever.

The Conclusion

too faced hangover rx hydrating primer review swatch

After putting this primer through the ringer in any situation possible, I can confidently say that the Too Faced Hangover RX face primer is a good one. I think that in the end I do like this a little bit better than the ELF one as it feels more hydrating on the skin and it has no silicones. That to me is definitely a plus and since my skin can needs as much hydration as possible, this works a little bit better on me than the ELF one, even on hot days.

What is your favorite face primer?

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  1. I hear great things about this primer! I can’t say that it works well for my skin, it actually caused me to break out after using it a few times. I love how it worked for you!

  2. […] This is probably one of the cheapest primers I have ever tried that works this well for me. If you are someone who doesn’t want to splurge too much money on a primer but still want it to work well than I think this may be right for you. However, if you don’t like the scent or if you want a primer to have easy to use packaging that allows you to get out every last drop to make it last as long as possible, then I would stay away from this one. For me this is a lovely product that I am currently working on using up (which is not a hard thing to do to be honest), but one it is gone I will not be repurchasing as it hasn’t beat my favorite primers by Catrice and Too Faced. […]

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