Underrated beauty brands

Youtube is a very influential medium, which means that those brands that get hyped, are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But just because a brand is hyped, does not mean that it is the best product. That is simply a matter of which brand has the biggest pockets to buy in adds and beauty influencers. So how do you find great brands with great products, that do not get the hype? Well, that is why I decided to make this video.

underrated beauty brands

Underrated beauty brands

So the purpose of this video is to talk you through 5 brands that I think deserve more hype. These are brands that I feel do not get enough love, that have great products and that just deserve some free publicity. I list some of my favorite products from each brand and explain why I love them as well.

Brands mentioned:

  • The Body Shop
  • H&M Beauty
  • Kruidvat Originals
  • Catrice
  • Kiko

Which brands are underrated in your opinion?

6 responses to “Underrated beauty brands”

  1. I just check out Kiko website. They look really good! I like they are not expansive and has a huge amount of selections. I think I will try some of their goodies. Have you tried their face makeup before? I want to try their universal fit hydrating foundation.

  2. Can you believe that I experienced my first Kiko store in Poland and I didn’t buy a single thing. 😮 I did enjoy looking at everything but I’ve already got so much makeup and didn’t “need” anything… 😛

      • And that was another reason, I knew there was a chance you may send me something from Kiko! 😆 I’m so excited. I was actually just packaging your goodies. I will be going to the post office later!

      • I just emailed you with the T&T code of your parcel. I sent mine off earlier today! Different time zones and all that. 😉

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