Kruidvat Hyaluron Booster Drops review

kruidvat hyaluronic acid hyaluron booster drops review swatch application skincare drugstore affordable dry skin sensitive skin

In today’s review we are looking at a Dutch drugstore brand. Kruidvat is like US’ CVS or the UK’s Boots, but then in The Netherlands! And they have had their own range of skincare for years. They redid the whole thing a while ago (which I reviewed here), but I hadn’t tried much from the brand since then. This is one of those brands that is so cheap that makes you go like: but if it’s that cheap, will it even work? As I was looking for some new skincare to try earlier this year, I stumbled across a product I had never seen before: Kruidvat Hyaluron Booster Drops. It had rave reviews, it was affordable and so I decided to try it on my dry/ dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Skincare review: Kruidvat Hyaluron Booster Drops

When I say cheap and cheerful, I mean it. This hyaluronic acid is one of the most affordable ones I have seen. Yes, this is even cheaper than The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid (which I didn’t like, but we’ll get to that in a bit). This hyaluronic acid serum retails for a mere €4.49, making it one of the most affordable skincare products I have ever tried. The bottle looked nice (it’s a glass bottle that comes with a pipette) and I hadn’t tried a hyaluronic acid in a while. So time to get out the testing guns and try this on my face.

What does this hyaluronic acid have to offer?

kruidvat hyaluronic acid hyaluron booster drops review swatch application skincare drugstore affordable dry skin sensitive skin

Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating skincare product that is often recommended for dry skin. That’s also what this bottle says, but not sure you can read that (yes, all the information is in Dutch as this is a Dutch brand). It promises to increase hydration by 36% in 2 hours and should therefore deeply hydrate the skin. The brand claims this contains a double hyaluronic acid complex that makes your skin feel hydrated for 24 hours and give a dewy look to the skin. Other than that the product should contain lipides, wheat germ and some other ingredients that should plump up the skin and fill up fine lines instantly.

What are the ingredients like?

kruidvat hyaluronic acid hyaluron booster drops review swatch application skincare drugstore affordable dry skin sensitive skin

Now we all know I am not a chemist, so dissecting ingredient lists is not my forte. This is the ingredient list as listed on the website:


As we can see here, this mainly contains water, glycol and glycerin which are all great hydrating ingredietns. the hyaluronic acid is also high up the list. However, if you are sensitive to fragrance (I am not) it may be good to know this contains perfume. It also contains alcohol so I am not sure I would necessarily recommend it for sensitive skin, even though my skin has been feeling great when using this. What is of most interest to me are some of the ingredients at the bottom of the list. Granted these won’t be present in high quantities if they are that far down, but I was surprised to see great ingredients such as Lactic Acid and Niacinamide being included in this.

How does this product work on my skin?

kruidvat hyaluronic acid hyaluron booster drops review swatch application skincare drugstore affordable dry skin sensitive skin

It is good to know that my skin is dry/ dehydrated with quite a bad reaction to most products. This products however works really well for me. The reason why I didn’t fall in love with The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid was that it dried my skin out and sadly this product doesn’t come with the warning that it might do that. That being said, this product does come with more hydrating properties before the hyaluronic acid and that may be why it works. Just to be safe, I do only use this once a day (in the morning) and only after I have sprayed my face with a face spray to ensure the hyaluronic acid draws moisture into my skin, rather than from it (this is why hyaluronic acid can lead to making dry skin even drier). I just use quite a generous amount and I find it feels very pleasant on my skin. I use it before makeup and I feel it works well under that as it is absorbed quickly. It makes my skin feel great and look great and I have no experience this making my skin more textured as I experienced in the past.

My final thoughts

I am pleasantly surprised by this affordable little bomb of hydration. It works well, but I do have to say that I have to use quite a bit of product for it to be effective. I use two full pipettes of the product in one go, so once I started using this, it last me about 6 weeks before it was all gone. With this being so affordable I don’t truly mind it, but I think if I were to be able to find a hyaluronic acid that would be bit more effective with less product, that I would be able to make the product last better and I don’t have to pile it onto my skin. That said, I do think this is worth a repurchase in the future as it really gives my skin that drink of water that it needs on a daily basis to keep from turning into the Saharan desert.

Would I recommend the Kruidvat Hyaluron Booster Drops?

Yes I would if you can buy this of course. Since this product is only available at this one particular store, it may be difficult to hunt down if you are not in The Netherlands or Belgium. If you do have access to Kruidvat products and you have dry skin, I would certainly give it a shot. Just know you need to use quite a bit and I would most definitely only apply this to wet or damp skin to ensure the product does what you want it to do.

What is the cheapest skincare product you have ever tried?

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  1. […] I am not even sure if this is still widely available. It was only released last spring and it seems to have already been discontinued. However, you can still buy this in some places, yet I would be careful about this. This product is just not great if you have dry skin and I wish it didn’t create this weird milky layer. I think my favorite hyaluronic acid are still the Kruidvat Hyaluronic Booster Drops. […]

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