Eyeshadow palette haul 2021

eyeshadow palette haul 2021

In this video I will be showing you all the eyeshadow palettes I bought this year so far. You may remember I went on a bit of a low buy to try and limit how much product I bring into my collection, because it was getting out of hand. That said, I somehow still gathered 50 palettes exactly in the first half of the year (+ July). This is mainly due to the fact that at times, getting more palettes made more sense to qualify for free shipping and budget wise. I have also already used and reviewed some of these too, so it’s not as if everything is just sitting in a drawer unused. I am happy though that I have nearly used all the palettes I brought in in 2020 so I can finally get to trying and reviewing a bunch of new things. Let’s get to the haul!

Eyeshadow Palette Haul 2021 // All the palettes I bought so far! + low buy update

Products mentioned:

  • Violet Voss Sugar Crystals
  • Shroud X Beaut Bean It’s Freaking Bats
  • Menagerie Cosmetics Pastel Pup, Whale Song, Flight Club, Violet Ink
  • Essence Out in the Wild Don’t Stop Blooming
  • Catrice Clean ID, Neon Earth, Peach, Lavender Breeze
  • Peach C Falling in Pink
  • Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow Smokey
  • Nabla Cutie Midnight, Analogue
  • Glamshop Green, Blue & Kokosankta
  • Sheglam Splash Bash, Deep Feelings, Hello Yellow, Cactus Cool, Wolf Calls
  • Kaleidos X Anglica Nyqvist Club Nebula
  • Natascha Denona Mini Love
  • ELF Retro Paradise
  • Oden’s Eye The Norns
  • Urban Decay Naked Wild West
  • Viseart Dark Edit, Petit Four The Lilas
  • Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane
  • Alien Cosmetics Serendipity & Fairy Frolic
  • Huda Beauty Chocolate Brown Obsessions
  • Nabla Cutie Nude & Metropolitan
  • Kimchi Chic Virgin Mojito
  • LA Girl Main Stage
  • Colourpop Thumper, Nook Inc., Ballad, Cream Soda, Colour Vision, Cashmere Forever
  • Sydney Grace X Temptalia Quintessence Deep, On the Horizon Light, Radiant Reflection Light
What is the last eyeshadow palette you bought?

4 responses to “Eyeshadow palette haul 2021”

  1. Ah! Finally figured it out! 😉 The last pallet I bought is the Tarte, Be a Mermaid and Make Waves. I ordered it yesterday because they were having a big sale. Should receive it Monday or Tuesday. I enjoy Tarte shadows, so I’m very much looking forward to it!

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