Full face of Nabla

full face of Nabla makeup look

In this video I am doing a full face of Nabla! Yes, I found myself with quite a few products of this Italian indie makeup brand and so I decided to film a look. I have some products that are some of my ultimate favorite products in my makeup collection, but I also bought some products specifically for this video. This hopefully makes this video a good blend of first impressions as well as some more well-rounded reviews. Let’s get to the makeup look!

Full face of Nabla // Doing a full face makeup look ft. favorites & new in

Products used:

  • Nabla Skin Realist Skin Tint 01 Fair
  • Nabla Close Up concealer Light Ivory
  • Nabla Skin Glazing Bronzer Ambra
  • Nabla Skin Glazing powder Priviledge
  • Nabla Skin Glazing powder Lola
  • Nabla Soul Blooming
  • Nabla Secret eyeshadow palette
  • Nabla Side by Side
  • Nabla Cutie: Nude, Coral, Metropolitan, Wild Berry, Platinum, Midnight, Analogue
  • Nabla Bounce Matte lipstick Masterpiece
  • Nabla Shine Theory lipgloss Toxic Love

Non-Nabla products:

  • MAC Strobe Cream
  • Make Up Revolution Prime & Lock eyeshadow primer
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish 1 Fair
  • Catrice Fix & Fill brow pencil Blond Brows
  • Essence Make Me Brow Blondie Brows
  • MAC Paintpot
  • Calvin Klein vanilla eyeshadow
  • Mabyelline Sky High mascara
  • Catrice Glam & Doll waterproof mascara
  • Catrice Clean ID Glow & Fix setting spray
What nabla products have you tried?

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