Good Molecules Rose Water cleanser review

good molecules rose water cleanser daily cleansing gel review skincare swatch dry skin sensitive skin

In this review I thought we could have another look at a skincare product. I think this may be one of the last Good Molecules products I will be trying. Not because I have stopped buying from the brands, but because I have tried nearly all the products in their line and I have found a couple of great staples that I would like to stock up regularly. However, I also feel that it is time to move on to other brands. So that’s what I am doing as we speak.

Review: Good Molecules Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel

This cleanser is the last product I received from the brand as PR. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love many GM products. I love and have repurcahsed with my own money several of their products. Their cleansing balm and discoloration correcting serum were stand out products for me and this brand introduced me to an ingredient my skin loves: niacinamide. So this brand has some great products, but this cleanser doesn’t tickle that particular itch. At just $12 it really doesn’t break the bank, but I feel this is a bit too simple for my liking.

What does this product have to offer?

good molecules rose water cleanser daily cleansing gel review skincare swatch dry skin sensitive skin

This product is called a ‘daily cleansing gel’ for a reason: it is a lightweight cleanser that is supposed to be great for daily use and comes in a gel formula. What’s in a name huh? The brand promises this won’t leave your skin feeling overly dry or tight which is always a good thing. My sensitive skin it quite prone to redness and a tight feeling after many cleansers I use and so I am always looking for a good cleanser that won’t do that. Apart from cleansing it contains rose water to help brighten the skin and pineapple extract for gentle exfoliation.

What are the ingredients like?

good molecules rose water cleanser daily cleansing gel review skincare swatch dry skin sensitive skin

Props to Good Molecules for being one of the most transparent brands on the market when it comes to the ingredient list. In recent years the brand has started to not only list the ingredients on their packaging but also how much of each ingredient is in the product. As you can see most of this cleanser is water, followed by propandiol and glycerin. Now I am not a skincare expert, but from what I know, those are quite basic ingredients that you can find in many products which doesn’t make this very unique. When we look at the ingredients this product boasts about then we can see that only 1% or less of those ingredients are here. The rose water is 1% and the pineapple extract is at 0.1%. So that begs the question: if these ingredients only make up a trace amount of the product, how much doe they actually do?

How does this product perform?

good molecules rose water cleanser daily cleansing gel review skincare swatch dry skin sensitive skin

Let’s not beat around the bush: I don’t love this cleanser. I don’t hate it either. On my dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin it makes for a good morning cleanse but no more than that. I feel it is not strong enough to take off makeup (even though the brand claims you can) and I feel that if you were to put it into a full on skincare routine it is best suited for a second cleanse. Another reason why I don’t love this is how my skin feels after I use it. Granted, it doesn’t feel overly dry and taught like with many cleansers I have tried, but I feel it doesn’t do much for my skin either. I prefer a richer cleanser that is more balmy or oily so that my dry skin feels much better. For my skin, this is a bit too basic and in the end not effective enough.

My final thoughts

As with some other Good Molecules products I have found this Rose Water Daily Cleansing Gel to be a bit underwhelming. While it does what it needs to do, I don’t feel this would make an asset in my skincare routine. It is good enough to use up completely for sure, but I know I won’t go out of my way to repurchase this. My skin just wants more and I have found other cleansers that I feel work much better for my skin type.

Would I recommend the Good Molecules Rosewater cleanser?

I think this may be a good product if you have normal skin. If your skin is too oily it probably won’t do enough and if your skin is dry it won’t be effective enough. If like me you wear a full face of makeup on a nearly daily basis this is also not great. I have found this works best as a quick morning cleanse to help prep the skin for your first skincare steps, but I feel it isn’t effective enough as a makeup remover and not nourishing enough to help against dryness. If this cleanser suits your skin type it may be a great one, but I will be passing up on it for now.

What is your favorite morning cleanser?

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