Catrice Clean ID Brow Gel review

catrice clean id hydro brow fixing gel review swatch application makeup look

When I was planning out my next month of Shop My Stash related reviews, I discovered to my surprise that I hadn’t yet reviewed this guy! What am I talking about? The Catrice Clean ID Hydro Brow Fixing Gel. This brow gel has been in my Shop My Stash for a few months now and so I have been using it religiously for some time. However, I hadn’t really shared my full thoughts with you yet, so that’s what today’s review is all about. Is this a good clear brow gel? Or is it one that gives that crispy brow effect? Let’s find out!

Review: Catrice Clean ID Hydro Brow Fixing Gel

I believe I bought this product was launhed in Catrice’s Fall/ Winter 2021 collection. So this product has been out for a while, but it is still available. And it is affordable. Because it is Catrice, but also in terms of Catrice products this really isn’t that expensive. At just €3.39 this product promising to give you a strong hold in your brows, but without it feeling like they are glued on. So this brow product promises to give the hold, but still be natural.

What does this brow gel have to offer?

catrice clean id hydro brow fixing gel review swatch application makeup look

I mean, it’s a brow gel, so how critical can you be. But I have found, after trying many different brow gels that I am in fact quite critical. So I have preferences: I want my brow gel to fix my brow hairs into place, but not to the point where I feel like it was sprayed down with hairspray. I want it to give some visible definition, but I don’t need it to do much of anything else. The brow gel should settle down, but not dry down to a thick layer that you can feel sitting in your brows and if it has added fibers to make your brows look more full, then that would be an added bonus. This brow gel sounds basic, but with some products, basic is exactly what you need so let’s found out what this is like.

How does this brow gel work?

catrice clean id hydro brow fixing gel review swatch application makeup look

In a way this is the most basic brow gel I have tried in some time. What makes this brow gel though is the brush. It is small, it is tapered and it makes it super easy to apply the product but without making a mess. The gel itself is exactly what it promises to be: a clear brow gel that keeps your brows in place and give a natural look in return. I have been loving this quite a bit and that is unusual for me. In recent years I have always come back to the Essence Make Me Brow as I haven’t liked anything else, but this one is a good, classic edition to my makeup collection for those days where I prefer a clear gel over a tinted one.

How does this look in the brows?

catrice clean id hydro brow fixing gel review swatch application makeup look

Here you can see the effect this brow gel gives. You can see that there is a bit more texture to my brow hairs making them stand out and brushed into place. So that’s great. This doesn’t add any color and functions truly like a gel. The clear tint makes it easy to use and never messy in clean up if you were to apply too much. The brush is easy to use, but one downside I have found with this is that it is clear in a clear tube. AsI use the gel on top of my brow pencil, a bit of the pencil shade gets stuck in the brush. When I then stick the brush back into the tube, a bit of that color is dispensed into the product. The result? A murky, yucky looking brow gel within a few weeks of use. I wish this came in a solid tube, just so it wouldn’t look so gross.

My final thoughts

catrice clean id hydro brow fixing gel review swatch application makeup look

To my surprise, I liked the Catrice Clean ID Hydro Brow Gel enough for me to use it up as far as it goes. With the product looking gross by now, I am not sure how long that will be (and I have had issues with brow gels smelling funky quite quickly too), but until that time comes around I intend on using this in my daily makeup routine. I would even consider a repurchase as having a clear brow gel on hand is always a good thing and this is a good one. It’s not crispy, it looks natural and it is easy to apply. What’s not to love?

Would I recommend the Catrice Clean ID Hydro brow gel?

Yes, I think this is a product that many people will like. It is a clear brow gel so it will work on everyone and I generally like the texture. It won’t give you that hyped up laminated brow look, but that is not what I am going for. If you like a natural brow that is easy to apply and foolproof every time than this product may be a good one for you.

What affordable brow gel is your favorite?

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