New Makeup Releases April 2022

new makeup releases april 2022

It’s the first Sunday of the month, so you know what that means!! Yes it is time to chat about new makeup releases. For me, the March announcements were slow. I did already film this about a week ago though, so some new announcements have been made that have me a little bit more excited, but those will show up in a new episode of my New Makeup Releases series I am sure. For now, I am mainly just feeling very underwhelmed with what has been releases or is about to be released. It is lackluster, predictable and uninspiring to me to say the least. So apart from my Top 5 and Bottom 5 new makeup releases I am throwing in the makeup bits I did buy myself in March to show you makeup that I AM excited for. Hope you enjoy and happy Sunday!

New Makeup Releases April 2022 // Top 5, Bottom 5 & New In (why is everything so lackluster?)

What new makeup releases are you interested in?

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