Makeup Collection Reorganization (after my declutter)

makeup collection organization reorganization 2022

Today it is time to reorganize my makeup collection! I decluttered my entire collection again as part of my annual spring clearout and I decided to also film the aftermath. I think it is fun to see how people store and organize their makeup and maybe you can pick up some tips as we go along the video. I speed through many sections with some jazz music in the background, but I also try to explain a little bit of my reasoning for how I like to organize my makeup collection. The key take away? I like having all of my products available to me in one giant overview: if I can’t see something I won’t use it. I hope you enjoy the video.

Makeup Collection Organization 2022 // Reorganizing my makeup collection after my declutter

Storage used:

  • Drawers: IKEA Malm
  • Acrylic organizers in drawers: IKEA Godmorgon
  • Drawer liners: IKEA kitchen section
  • Vanity/ Desk: IKEA Micke
  • Acrylic organizers vanity drawer: IKEA (discontinued)
  • Lipstick holders: Primark
  • Lipstick acrylic drawers: Primark
  • Brush holder: Zoeva
  • Large vanity mirror: IKEA Karmsund
  • Small vanity mirror: IKEA Trensum
  • Ringlight: no brand name
  • Soft boxes: Bresser
  • Chair: Kwantum
  • Round mirror: H&M Home
  • Pendant light: Xenos
  • Rug: Ikea (do not recommend as it has gotten discolored over time)
  • Velvet stool: Kwantum
  • Velvet sleeper couch:
How do you organize your Makeup Collection?

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