Monthly Makeup Haul June 2022

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It’s the start of a new month which means it is time for a haul! I am showing you the bits I have new in in terms of makeup which includes some eyeshadow palettes, the contents of a goodie bag that had me excited, some bits I received in PR AND I am showing you what I bought when I was in Paris. So this is a nice collective haul that will give you a sense of what I am hoping to try out in the next few months. and I hope you enjoy it!

Monthly Makeup Haul June 2022 // New In, PR & What I got in Paris

Products mentioned

  • Unearthly Cosmetics Fall Magic
  • Make Up by Lisa Raven’s Castle
  • Sigma New Mod
  • Patrick Ta Major Dimension II
  • Patrick Ta blush duo She’s Vibrant
  • Natascha Denona I Need a Rose lipgloss
  • LYS Beauty cream blush Self Love & Passion
  • Cult Beauty goodie bag
  • Rephr brushes: The Essential Collection Plus, 2021 Best Sellers, eye brush 13 & 14
  • Zeesea Nutcracker powder, eye & face palette & dragon lipstick
  • Bioderma Hydra Bio H2O micellar water
  • Homeoplasmine cream
  • Biafine cream
  • A313 retinol cream
  • La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
  • Avène Cicalfate Repairing Protective cream
  • Natascha Denona Mini Zendo eyeshadow palette
  • Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer 16C
  • Rare Beauty concealer 160 C
  • Rare Beauty Liquid blush Hope
  • Rare Beauty Liquid eyeshadow Nearly Mauve
  • Rare Beauty bronzer stick
What have you been buying?

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