Swatching my cream & liquid shadows (one & done shadow recommendations)

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In this video I am organizing another swatch party. This month’s eyeshadow swatch party is all about my cream & liquid eyeshadows. I show you all my shades and it just so happens to be that many of my favorite cream and liquid shadows are incredible one and done eyeshadows. And people were asking me for my one and done eyeshadow recommendations, so I hoped we could kill two birds with one stone with this video. I hope you enjoy!

Eyeshadow swatch party // Cream & Liquid shadows (incl. fave one & done recommendations)

Products mentioned:

  • Colourpop Supershock eyeshadow: Ritz, So Quiche, I Heart This, Frog, A Little Quarky, Daytrippin’, Falling Up, Moonwalk,Rooftop Cocktails, Partridge, Muse, Wine Down, Ripple, Dance Party, Bae
  • H&M cream shadow Dauphine Truffle
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Pillow Talk
  • Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Pots Walk of No Shame
  • Dior Millennium
  • Chanel New Moon, Rouge Noir
  • Etude House Air Mousse Cherry Blossom Popcorn
  • Holika Holika Moon Flash
  • Sydney Grace pigment
  • Stila Glitter & Glow Smoldering Satin, Diamond Dust, Wanderlust, Kitten Karma
  • Lethal Cosmetics multichrome Payload, Gateway
  • Etude House Mirror Holic
  • Rare Beauty liquid shadow Nearly Mauve
  • Dear Dahlia liquid glitter Enchanted
  • Giorgio Armani liquid shadow 37 Scarab
  • Essence Chrome On liquid shadow Chromology, Oh My Chrome, Chrome Addict, Chrom-azing, Chrome Over Baby
What are your favorite one and done eyeshadows?

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