Rating my Subscribers’ eyeshadow palette collection

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rating my subscribers' eyeshadow palette collection

As an end to eyeshadow month I thought I could do something a bit different. As part of palette month I ran a giveaway and in order to enter I asked my subscribers and followers to send me pictures of their eyeshadow palette collections. And I was afraid no one would want to do this, but you guys delivered! I got so many entries and so many lovely e-mails so I had a blast running this thing. But as promised, I would feature your pictures in a video. Some people opted out, but so many people actually wanted to be featured, even opting out of entering in the giveaway just to be part of the video! In short, I didn’t want to leave anyone out and so I made a long, chatty video showcasing as many entries as I can. So sit back relax and enjoy!

Rating my subscribers’ eyeshadow palette collection // You guys understood the assignment & delivered!!!

Thanks to everyone Who participated! I had a blast doing eyeshadow palette month this year. Stay tuned for more, because I have some more palette content up my sleeve starting September.

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