The Inkey List Turmeric moisturizer review

the inkey list turmeric moisturizer review swatch skincare fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

So now that I am finally reviewing my The Inkey List moisturizer, I am finding out that it is no longer available. Rude! But yeah The Inkey List Turmeric moisturizer was my pick from all the things The Inkey List had to offer when I decided I wanted to pick up a few things from the brand to try them out for the first time. So far I’ve tried a few bits: the Oat Cleansing Balm and the Polyglutamic Acid, which were okay but nothing has wowed me so far. Can the Turmeric moisturizer be the product from this affordable and raved about skincare brand be the product that makes me understand the hype?

Skincare review: The Inkey List Turmeric Moisturizer

In order to figure out how expensive this was I looked up my original order that I placed when I bought this. I got this through Cult Beauty orginally for 8 pounds, which is around €10. That is very affordable for a moisturizer and so I was happy to try it out. The Inkey List has been raved about by a lot of people for it’s no nonsense approach to skincare, giving effective products at a more affordable price point. So far, my experiences have been a bit muah as I haven’t loved any products enough to repurchase them. And I can tell you: this product didn’t sway me.

What does this product have to offer?

the inkey list turmeric moisturizer review swatch skincare fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

The Inkey List Turmeric moisturizer is one that on the tin sounds like something I will like. It is a moisturizer that should be right for all skin types, but is especially recommended for using with sensitive skin. With my skin being dry/ dehydrated and sensitive, I was hoping this would be good. Since there is no SPF in this product, I decided to make it my night time moisturizer for the summer time. And I am glad I did. While nice, this product is not heavy enough to moisturize my dry skin most of the year. It was too lightweight, which worked well during hot, humid, summer nights, but I know this wouldn’t be potent enough for me to work with for the drier, colder winter months.

What are the ingredients like?

the inkey list turmeric moisturizer review swatch skincare fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

Let’s scrutinize this ingredient list. Now bear in mind that I am not a cosmetic scientist and my knowledge of ingredient lists and how all the elements play together is therefore limited to my experience using the product and what I can find through Google. The top three ingredients are water, squalane and coconut oil. The squalane I like: that is an ingredient my skin usually loves. The coconut oil? Not so much. That can clog my pores (I was around for the coconut oil as skin cleanser hype and my skin was not happy!) and my skin needs other, rich ingredients to be nourished. Other main ingredients seem to be oat and turmeric derivatives which are great ingredients for sensitive skin. This doesn’t have a fragrance, but there is scent when applying this which is due to the turmeric. It has an earthy smell: if you have ever cooked with turmerc then you’ll recognize it instantly. I didn’t find it unpleasant but I didn’t love it either. It does feel a bit like putting food on your face.

What was my experience using this product?

the inkey list turmeric moisturizer review swatch skincare fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

In my personal experience, no matter how lovely an ingredient list may seem, it is one of the worst indicators of how a product will go for me. I just have to try it. By now I have used it up and I liked it enough to use it up. This didn’t give me any allergic reactions which is good, but I also didn’t love this. It is very thin and the squeezy tube makes this too easy to squirt out too much, meaning you overapply or need to wash perfectly fine product down the drain. This would be greatly helped by adding a pump to the packaging to allow for more precise dosing of the product. That said, I felt I need a lot of product to get it to do anything for me. This is absorbed by the skin super quickly. It was pleasant in the summer time when I don’t want my skincare to sit there as I am sweating buckets and it just won’t sink into the skin. This worked well for that, but for most periods in time this would just disappear within seconds. My skin literally eats this stuff.

My final thoughts

the inkey list turmeric moisturizer review swatch skincare fair skin dry skin sensitive skin

While The Inkey List’s Tumeric moisturizer has a lot going for it, it just isn’t doing enough for my dry/ dehydrated skin. This has been my experience with both The Inkey List products I have used before this. So while this skincare brand is much raved about and praised for doing simple skincare, for me, this is just a touch too simple. My skin can be very reactive but it still needs that boost to ensure it doesn’t feel dry/ tight and it not getting any more milia. This just didn’t do enough for me as it was just a touch too lightweight and less effective than my skin needs.

Would I recommend The Inkey List’s Turmeric moisturizer?

This is an okay product. I don’t dislike it, it just wasn’t quite right for me. That said, this is no longer available and therefore I would not recommend trying to hunt this down as it just wasn’t worth it in the end.

Do you have a favorite The Inkey List product that you think I should try?

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