The Inkey List Oat Balm cleanser review

the inkey list skincare cleanser oat cleansing balm review swatch

Since I need to catch up on my skincare reviews, I figured we could continue them in full force. This review is for a brand I haven’t reviewed before but that I have heard lots of great things about. What I am talking about is The Inkey List. And the first product I tried by the brand was a safe one: their cleansing balm. This cleanser is one that is toted as a great one as a first step to take off your makeup. So that’s what I started using this for at the end of 2021. By now, I have used this up completely and I figured I could share my thoughts.

Skincare Review: The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm

Judging by the price point, The Inkey List is a brand that is very much worth giving a try. At €11.50 for a generously sized tube of cleanser, this is a skincare brand that is definitely on the more affordable side of things. Their entire product range is priced between €5.80 and €17.80, which is great. I bought my The Inkey List products from Cult Beauty which was the first stockist in Europe that stocked the brand. By now, you can buy the brand from any other places, making them much easier to buy.

What does this cleanser have to offer?

the inkey list skincare cleanser oat cleansing balm review swatch

This cleanser isn’t just a cleanser: it is a cleansing balm, my favorite type of cleanser. The Oat Cleansing Balm isn’t just a cleanser though. It includes ingredients should help moisturize and hydrate the skin and the oat in this balm cleanser should also help with soothing the skin and therefore making it perfect for sensitive skin. It should take off makeup but can also be used as a face mask or as a standard cleanser. In short, quite a versatile product.

What is the ingredient list like?

the inkey list skincare cleanser oat cleansing balm review swatch

When looking at the ingredients I was a little bit surprised to see the oat parts of this cleanser to not be as high up as I would have expected. The cleanser is mainly almond oil as that is the first ingredient on the list. And it showed. I went through the entire tube and where at first I had a great balm like cleanser, the more I used it, the more oil I got. In the end, this was more of a cleansing oil rather than a cleansing balm. So in my case, I felt the ingredients weren’t mixed all that well, or they hadn’t stayed mixed and this made it difficult to keep going. I felt the tube was far from empty, but the balm was long gone.

What was my experience using this product?

the inkey list skincare cleanser oat cleansing balm review swatch

However, the texture of this product changing as I was using it, was not really a bit deal. This is a cleanser so the question is: does it cleanse the face? It does! It works well to melt off your makeup, but as par the instructions on the box, you need to wet your face first before applying the cleanser. Else it will be difficult turning this into a milk that you can spread onto your skin. That, or you need to add a bit of water to the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to ‘activate’ the product.

My final thoughts

While I quite liked The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm, as far as cleansers go it just isn’t my favorite. It worked well enough, but I felt I was always left with a bit of mascara residue that made me wakeup looking like a panda more often than not. It was also not great for use around the eye area (as the box says). I felt that if I wasn’t careful and got a little in my eye, this really stung and irritated my eyes. So with this cleanser it is best to use a separate cleanser for your eyemakeup. But that’s not why I use a cleansing balm: I like how they can be one stop shops for taking everything off.

Would I recommend The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm?

If you are not much of a makeup wearer this can be a good cleanser to dissolve your SPF and maybe a light makeup. I felt that a full face wasn’t necessarily this cleanser dealt with enough every single time. As a morning cleanse I found this too rich and so I also wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin as this is such an oily cleanser. So yeah, if you like an oily cleanser, have dry skin and are not much of a makeup wearer than this can be a good one.

What is your favorite cleansing balm?

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